The Beauty of Atlanta: 4 Amazing Spots to Visit by Car

Atlanta is both the state capital and the largest city of Georgia. Although the city is not as agglomerated as Chicago or Detroit, it’s dynamic and constantly develops. Here, the modern high-rise buildings of the center harmoniously coexist with the historic forks of the old part of the city.

Museums and theaters, night clubs and shops, parks and playgrounds – Atlanta offers an incredible number of sights for any taste, which makes it an ideal destination for an exciting trip. Of course, if you travel with cheap car rental Atlanta GA, your sightseeing opportunities will be much wider.

So, the most interesting Atlanta’s spots to visit by car are:

The Westin Peachtree Plaza

Atlanta is a very beautiful city of the United States, and it owes its fame mainly to the majestic and grand skyscrapers. Atlanta features a huge number of tall buildings, and all of them are masterpieces of modern architectural art.

Without the slightest hesitation, we can say that the architecture of Atlanta is unique. For example, on the very crown of the Westin Peachtree Plaza there’s a magnificent huge observation deck. Thanks to it, you have a fabulous opportunity to admire the panorama of Atlanta.

Windows at the Westin Peachtree Plaza March 16, 2010

Undoubtedly, the Westin observation deck is a must-see place. In addition, if you are a romantic or a real hunter for beautiful unique shots, then this spot is definitely what you need. The height of this skyscraper reaches 220 meters, and the diameter is about 188 meters. If you have time, you can count all the windows in this grand building – there are about 5600 ones. Also, this skyscraper impresses with its restaurant, which is located on the 72nd floor. It looks like a separate observation deck, and some of its levels even rotate. Of course, don’t forget to visit the shop on the lower floor, where you can buy memorable souvenirs at very reasonable prices.

Address: 210 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta


Georgia Aquarium

georgia aquarium

This is an impressive multi-storey building, where a striking variety of marine animals is collected. The habitat in the aquarium is so well thought out that it’s very difficult to believe that, for example, a huge coral reef, in the depths of which there’s a lot of fish, is a work of human hands. It seems that it was cut from the bottom of the world ocean and carefully placed behind the glass.

In general, the team that created this aquarium did absolutely titanic work. The fact is that each exposure, each square meter of the aquarium serves several functions. First of all, it provides the most detailed and accurate information that is understandable to each visitor. Secondly, it makes the exploring of compositions and exhibitions unrealistically fascinating and interactive action. Thirdly, it provides every person with maximum comfort.

georgia aquarium

By the way, absolutely any marine exhibition is designed not only for learning, but also for entertainment. The fact is that Americans believe that an interested and positive-minded person will learn much more information than an uninterested and depressed individual. That’s why visiting museums should be equivalent to an interactive game. In Georgia Aquarium, both children and adults really understand and remember more information, because it’s presented in an entertaining format.

Address: 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta


Atlanta Botanical Garden


Atlanta has plenty of space for everything. This urban, modern and business city has a real piece of paradise, which is called the botanical garden. This attraction is probably the most beloved among both citizens and curious tourists. The garden spread its lush vegetation in the Midtown area near Piedmont Park, which is placed practically in the historical area.

Atlanta Botanical Garden was founded in 1976 and since that time hasn’t ceased to complement its plant collections. Its qualified workers is doing everything possible to ensure that the garden is always fragrant, grows quickly and attracts as many guests as possible. In the botanical garden various exhibitions and events are constantly organized. However, this is not the greatest thing in the garden – the most valuable feature is its rich flora.


You can admire there the incredibly beautiful and vast exhibition of orchids, as well as the original exhibition of cacti in a large tropical section. The pedestrian 180-meters-long suspension bridge is especially popular sight among visitors, since it’s located at the height of treetops.

Address: 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta


Southeastern Railway Museum

SNC 52 on the Hudson

Such a modern and urban city as Atlanta, where there is a huge number of different business complexes, simply cannot be imagined without a railway. Its story is rich, old and very interesting. The whole museum is dedicated to the railroad in Atlanta. You can come on an excursion either alone or with the whole family – both kids and parents will get pleasure.

This unique museum initially attracts guests with its various expositions. The railway museum contains a large collection of locomotives, wagons, railcars and other units for servicing the railway and its transport. All this can be freely viewed and even touched. The exhibition includes more than eighty different exhibits in excellent condition. Almost all the components of the collection are still in the working condition.

Sky-Blue, Bells Ringing

(photo by Todd Evans)

In addition to passenger cars and old locomotives, road equipment is also represented in the museum. The rust, slightly flaked paint and the charm of the antiquity of all these exhibits create an incredible atmosphere that can be enjoyed exclusively in this place. By the way, you can even ride on one of the trains.


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