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Albion Online: New Resources Will Be Implemented

Nov 14, 2016

Two weeks ago, MMORPG sandbox Albion Online ended, which is the alpha winter phase for the MMORPG sandbox gameplay, if not intending to stop in this way, for the developers, they have alreay been planning their next test phase, right, that of the summer, and the series of modifications soon to be come. More and more players expected to get cheap albion online gold.




No date has yet been announced (it will be announced in a few days), which does not prevent Sandbox Interactive from posting a message on its official website, listing all the news to come.


Albion Online: En route to summer alpha


Among the most important, the arrival of the Hellgates. These portals will appear randomly in certain areas of the world, from these will emerge a demon that will have to be demolished. Once the beast is defeated, a group of five players will have access to a dungeon kept by a boss who will loot special rewards. 


Small feature here, several groups can penetrate the same dungeon via other portals of the same type, will then begin a PvP battle to gain the right to face the boss. This will have the effect of occupying the PvP players to other activities than to farmer of the nob in the zones of leveling for example. Gamers always attempt to carring out various ways to get cheapest albion online silver.


Other upcoming additions: non-player characters linked to the different factions of the Albion World will be implemented at play. These NPCs will provide increasingly complex missions, but will also offer more reputation points to be used to purchase " Special equipment.


Ultimately, so many new resources will be implemented, it's targeted at invite players to find out all the activities offered by the world of Albion. On top of that, by killing World Boss or participating in a PvP event, hence, some will be recoverable. Here is albion online silver for sale.

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