5 Ideas For Making Your Office Eco-Friendly

5 Ideas For Making Your Office Eco-Friendly

Environmental issues are currently receiving a ton of media attention. Whether it’s air pollution, water pollution, climate change, global warming, or deforestation – we are all facing problems on a global scale. And, if they are not affecting us already, then they definitely will in years to come. So, it is crucial that we all do our best to protect the environment.

As many of us work in office-based jobs, we can start by looking at small changes that you can make at your workplace to reduce our negative impact on the environment. So, here is a list of ideas to make your office eco-friendlier:

Go paperless

Do you really need to print this document? Always ask yourself this question before you click on the print button. Many offices are trying their best to go paperless. Now, I know that going completely paperless is almost impossible in a typical office. So, here are a few ideas that can make your printing habits greener:

First, invest in an eco-friendly office printer. Most of the big-name printer brands offer an eco-model, which has lower energy consumption, economical printing modes and uses friendlier eco-solvent inks.

Second, ensure to recycle empty ink cartridges. In fact, you may find that your printer manufacturer has a recycling collection scheme you can join. If not, you can always look elsewhere. The empty cartridges can be used to make other products, such as storage boxes or pens.

Work from home

Pollution is a terrible thing, right? Now, ask yourself how many people from your office, including yourself, drive to work every day? For most offices, the figure is going to be quite high. Ok, now imagine if your company encouraged working from home. Even if it’s only for part of the week. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Less cars on the road means less pollution. 

Treat the office like your home

Sure, you don’t pay the office bills. But, that doesn’t mean that you should treat your workplace differently to your home.

So, make sure to do the small eco-friendly efforts that you’re probably already doing at home. For example, ensure that the tap is shut off properly in the kitchen or bathroom.

Another thing to remember is to use electricity wisely. So, at the end of the day you should turn off any machine that doesn’t have to remain switched on overnight. For example, your computer, printer, fax and photocopier.

Similarly, upgrading the fluorescent lights in the office to energy efficient ones is a great way to go green and save the company money! There are plenty of energy efficient fluorescent or LED lights available on the market.

Remember, you can always turn off the lights all together if you’re leaving the room for a while, such as going out for lunch. Every little helps…

Food waste

The amount of food that ends up at the landfill without ever being eaten is staggering! In the UK alone, it is estimated that £13 billion of food is wasted each year.

So, what can you do about this problem?

How about using up leftovers from the night before as your lunch? That way you’re not only helping the environment, but you’re also saving yourself money! It’s a win-win.

Recycle more

If your company hasn’t done so already, talk to your boss about introducing a recycling plan in the office.

Having separate recycling bins for paper, plastic, cans and food waste is ideal. Also, ensuring that office staff are reminded to use the recycling bins in the appropriate manner is essential.

Likewise, re-using food containers or other items that normally go in the bin is also a fantastic way to help the environment.


Another great idea would be for your office to encourage carpooling. If your office has workers who live in the same area and work similar hours, why come to work in separate cars? Surely, it would be better for the environment and their overall bank balance to car share, right?


Hopefully, some of the tips have resonated with you! If your office is currently not proactive in any of these eco-friendly initiatives, I would encourage you to talk to your boss today. After all, if every office made small changes to support the environment, the world will be a better place for us and future generations.

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