Breast Cancer Awareness- Avoid Breast Reconstruction With A Lumpectomy

Breast Cancer Awareness- Avoid Breast Reconstruction With A Lumpectomy

Women suffering from breast cancer generally do not wish to go in for a breast reconstruction surgery. This is why they opt for a Lumpectomy instead. This is a form of surgery where the tumor and some of the tissue that surrounds the breast is removed. When the surgery is complete, it is followed by a therapy that includes radiation.

Avoid Breast Reconstruction with A Lumpectomy – common questions for you to ask

You can avoid breast reconstruction with a lumpectomy however before you go in for this option, the following are some common questions for you to ask:

This might be the first time for you and so ask your physician about the process and the possible risks you might have. You should also be sure of the duration of the surgery and if you should make any preparations for it. Ask your surgeon on how much of the tissue will be removed from the body. You should also decide on how wide your margins should be when the surgery is performed. You should ask the surgeon on whether or not you will be administered anesthesia or not. In case you are given anesthesia, you must find out what kind will be given to you.

Do you need blood transfusions or not?

Ask if you need any blood transfusions and whether you should donate your own blood before the surgery begins. Your doctor will tell you about the post-recovery care and the treatment you should take when you go home.

What takes place during the surgery?

The procedure generally lasts for 15 to 40 minutes. Here the surgeon will use an electric scalpel in order to reduce the bleeding. This scalpel will have heat and most surgeons will use curved incisions that look like a smile or even a frown when they operate on you. This promotes better healing and if the tumor is seen or even felt in your breast, the doctor will remove it with a thin of healthy tissue surrounding it.

There are sometimes when a rubber tube will surgically have inserted into the area of the breast or the armpit to collect the surplus fluid that collects in the space where the tumor is found. This drain is later connected to a bulb that is plastic in nature and with the aid of a suction helps to take out the extra fluid. The doctor will later stitch to the incision and closes it. He or she will dress the wound and after the procedure is over, you will be taken to another room where the staff monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. You do not have to stay back at the hospital after the surgery is done.

This means you effectively are to avoid breast surgery with a lumpectomy. You should conduct the procedure where the clinic is known for its proven track records. Check its reviews and contact the doctors there so that you can decide as to whether to go in for the procedure or not!

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