Five Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a breakthrough in the very structure of contemporary medicine itself. The revolution in medicine that leads to the development of telehealth and telemedicine only came about to be because companies decided to listen to the most core issue of patients. The number one hurdle between doctors that could provide help and patients who wanted it was that it was hard for patients to visit hospitals or clinics. Sometimes the issue manifested itself in the form of lack of time to visit doctors or absence of enough financial resources. That is where telemedicine platforms stepped in to solve the problem and bridge the gap between doctors and their patients. Here are five advantages of adapting telemedicine for your healthcare needs.

1-Providing convenience to patients

The number one benefit of telemedicine is undoubtedly the fact that it has proven to be incredibly convenient for patients. Often times, people ignore their ailments or brush them off as being non-emergent because they simply do not have the time to visit the ER or a clinic. However, doctors know very well that even an issue as small as a mosquito bite can turn hazardous for people if not treated right. Secondly, fancy hospitals and ERs are only a luxury afforded by those who live in urban areas. Rural areas do not have these facilities and patients in those areas keep their doctor visits for extremely advanced cases. Both these issues have been solved by the introduction of telemedicine which connects doctors and patients virtually, saving the time of both.

2-Improvement in health

For most adults in the US, their only visit to the hospital is when they end up in the ER for an exacerbated situation that could have been easily prevented, had they sought medical care in the first place. Telemedicine allows people to inform their doctors about the issues they are facing, from the comfort of their own home and saving them unnecessary trips to the hospital. Nobody wants to make a trip to the doctor only to be told that what they have is the flu. Similarly, nobody wants to ignore their symptoms thinking that they simply have a fever for it to turn out to be something else like tick fever. With the convenience of having a doctor check them out at the push of a button, telehealth companies have improved the way people take care of themselves and helped them improve their health.

3-Reduction in healthcare costs

One of the biggest ways in which telemedicine can help people take their healthcare more seriously is that through this platform. They don’t have to pay exuberant amounts of money to see a doctor. The fact that they have to spend an insane amount of money in order to ensure that they remain in the prime of their health, puts off people from visiting a doctor or a hospital. Telemedicine allows these people to pay a small amount of money that allows them to keep in touch with their doctor and only make a visit when the doctor recommends it. That means patients save up on the cost of hospital visits, time and money they would have to spend on transportation and they don’t even have to miss work in order to get a medical checkup!

4-Access to specialists

When choosing a primary care physician, people often keep geography as their main deciding factor. People want a doctor who’s close to them so they can pop in for a visit whenever they feel like there is something wrong. While people living in urban areas often have access to hospitals and clinics in their localities, what they don’t have is access to specialists. With telemedicine, patients can simply talk to a specialist virtually and get their expert opinion on their condition without having to pay for cross-country trips or expensive flights to far-flung places. When it comes to serious issues, patients should have access to the best doctors and not just the closest ones.

5-Constant care and supervision

Instead of setting up alarms and asking others to remind you to take your medicines, now you have an app to do just that. There are numerous apps on the telemedicine platform that monitor your overall health for you and remind you to consult your doctor if there is something wrong. This ensures that you are under constant supervision and that care will be immediately available to you whenever you need it. From an app that determines your blood alcohol content, judging by the number of drinks you had and what you ate, tells you if you are fit to drive or not to apps that tell you what exactly to do in the event of a disaster.

There are innumerable benefits of telemedicine and the best thing is that the recent advancements in this field are just a tip of the iceberg. Every single day leaps and strides are being taken in this field and making healthcare easier for all.

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