How to Plan an Ironman Themed Halloween Party

Ironman Themed Halloween

Halloween 2018 is just around the corner and you must have started brainstorming all the ideas to throw a party that will be remembered at least till the next Halloween. With the comeback of Avengers, Ironman is in vogue again. This return of the superhero can be celebrated by throwing a party of its theme this October! So, let us take a look at how your party can be one of the best Ironman themed parties of the year and hopefully for all the years to come.

  1. Ironman Masks

An ironman themed party is incomplete without the ironman mask. They are easily available and can be made at home quite conveniently. The masks will bring people in character and make them look ready for some superhero fun. You can even decorate the walls with DIY masks or use these mass as centrepieces for the party. Also, superhero bags and socks can be a great idea as well which you can find on The League of Geeks website!

  1. Ironman Cookies and Cupcakes

The party treats have a lot of impact on the overall theme and outlook of the party. It is necessary to follow the theme in this aspect as well. Baking cookies or cupcakes is not a problem. You can find an easy recipe online and then you can frost them or decorate them with the colours of Ironman theme. If you are not able to bake the cookies or cakes yourself, you can buy readymade and then put frosting on them as you like. If you cannot find time to do this either, just order what you need beforehand and you will be good to go.

  1. Décor

A theme party without an engaging décor is pointless. You need to be creative and innovative while decorating your place for the party. Select a colour theme and follow it throughout the area. Use glowing triangle shapes as well for the heart of Tony Stark. You can make ironman cut-outs and use them as centrepieces or you can just place them in different places where they can be noticed. You can also have balloons of the gold and red colour theme. Moreover, printing out the most impactful quotes from the movie and displaying them can put a beautiful touch to your party as well. There can be theme shirts arranged for the guests as well.

  1. Music

Music is an essential component of your party. Your music needs to be empowering and energetic. You do not want your guests to become lazy at a superhero themed party. However, of course slow jams need to be played at times but make sure that the song list you select is entertaining and are liked by a wide range of people. Your personal favourites may not be very much appreciated by everyone. In order to help you in planning this party, here is a list of all the soundtracks used in Ironman: https://www.tunefind.com/movie/iron-man .

  1. Games

A Halloween theme party with no games is a crime. You need to find out games to keep the guests engaged and entertained. You can use word games or Pictionary or other games of this sort to keep the party going.

The above mentioned elements are the essential parts of a party. A party without decorations, food and music is definitely incomplete! Make sure to execute each of these with your best efforts to make sure that your guests will be talking about your party for the rest of the year, in good terms of course.

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