The Side Effects Of Alcohol On Your Health

Alcohol can have effects on your mood and mental state. It can easily reduce shyness, making it easier for some people to act without discomfort. Drinking it at small amounts can even have some health benefits, but when drinking too much of it, it can definitely harm your health. Here are some of the bad effects that alcohol can have on your health.

Alcohol and brain health

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is bad for your brain health. It is even considered that marijuana does less damage to your brain than alcohol does. The ethanol found in alcohol reduces communication between brain cells. A chronic alcohol consumption can increase the risk of dementia and cause brain shrinkage in middle-aged and elderly people.

Alcohol can lead to weight gain

Alcohol is the second most energy-rich nutrient after fat, with 7 calories per gram. Drinking alcohol in excessive amount can lead to increased weight gain. And moderate drinking is often connected to reduced weight gain. Also, drinking too much alcohol can make you look older than you are, promoting redness and wrinkle appearance.

Mouth and throat cancer

Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of mouth and throat cancer. As we already know, cancer is caused by abnormal growth of cells, and the cells lining the mouth and throat are vulnerable to alcohol since they are directly exposed to it. And this is not the case only for excessive drinking, because even a drink per day increases to the risk of throat and mouth cancer up to 20%.

Alcohol and depression

The connection between alcohol and depression is a strong one. They increase the risk of each other simultaneously. So, people who are suffering from depression or anxiety, drink often to reduce the stress and thus boost their mood. And on the other side, excessive drinking is one of the major cause of depression.

Drinking alcohol in excessive amount has many bad effects on your body and health. Also, it’s not always about how much you drink, but what you are drinking. Some alcoholic beverages are better than others. For instance, this could be red wine, since it has a high amount of healthy antioxidants, but this is again approved if you drink it moderately.

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