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What makes a thesis writing project a dreadful task, is one’s perception of it. When assigned with the final thesis, students find themselves in a state where their mental peace is offended. For them, the future yields nothing but hard work, panic, and tasks that consume their physical and mental energy.

The schemas above exist in the minds of the university students because appalling stories about the tasks- and its elevated degree of difficulty, have been foretold by their predecessors. As a result, students are frightened by the task before its assignment. Thus a negative image of the project is created in their pure minds. Additionally, the professors at university constantly stress the importance of writing a mind-blowing thesis. While this significance is discussed to motivate the students in creating fascinating pieces of arts, the repercussions are misaligned with the initial objective. Hence, the students associate the feelings of anxiety with the project of thesis writing itself.

Writing a thesis is not as easy as other academic projects. However, it offers a chance for students to explore areas of research in the fields of their interest. Essentially, university students have the good fortune of carrying out elaborative research on topics that they desire to study. Despite the difficulty of the task, it is a presented opportunity to contribute something to the field. Therefore, to remove the negative stigma about thesis writing, students can familiarize themselves with the ensuing facts about thesis projects:

  1. The literal translation of the word: The word, “thesis” is originated from the Greek language and roughly translates to, “something put forth,” which alludes to the intellectual discussion of a given premise. Majority of the Greek philosophers including Aristotle used the word ‘thesis’ to define a statement that is contradictory to the works of other philosophers.
  2. The difference between a thesis and a dissertation: Majority of the students consider the words, “thesis” and “dissertation” to be interchangeable. While these academic projects follow a similar structure and grading pattern, there is a vast difference between the two types of papers. A thesis project is assigned to students proceeding with a degree in their bachelor’s and master’s programs. On the contrary, a dissertation project is often assigned to individuals that pursue a doctorates degree. Following from this, the difficulty level of dissertation projects is relatively higher. While a thesis project is assigned to understand the student’s degree of comprehension regarding their field, a dissertation pushes the individuals to conduct original research that would contribute to the subject under investigation.
  3. The presence of a house style: Akin to every other academic project, thesis writing also makes it obligatory for students to follow the standardized structure, made mandatory by the field. The objective behind the implementation of a specific outline is to make sure that all projects are written uniformly. As a result, students divide their thesis into small sections such as introduction, literature review, method and procedure, results, discussions and a conclusion. However, many higher degree educational institutions alter this official structure and provide their own “house styles.” To attain a high grade in their thesis projects, students are required to utilize the structure made mandatory by their university.
  4. The significance of timings: Thesis projects are assigned to students, months before their date of submission. Thus, students are provided with ample time to select a topic, conduct thorough research and write explicitly on the subject matter. However, as the window for the submission is vast, the majority of the students procrastinate until the last month. This results in a hostility written project, which leads to a low overall grade. Therefore, it is crucial for students to write down ideas for their thesis at any stage of their academic career so that when the time arrives, students can select a topic and finish their projects with excellence.
  5. Comparison of thesis styles in regards to country: While the context of thesis writing is similar all over the world, many countries take a different approach to assigning a thesis project. Fortunately, the universities located in the United Kingdom, assign a final thesis project as an individual task. Hence, every student is required to write their papers without depending on their peers. In contrast, many universities, particularly in Asia, make it mandatory for students to work in groups when writing a final thesis.
  6. The necessity of a conducive environment: A thesis is assigned with a relatively high word count. Ergo, students are required to write it in a controlled environment. To write a prodigious thesis, it is essential for students to create an environment that is conducive to the writing process. Furthermore, the student should also be well-rested and well-versed in the subject matter, before inaugurating the writing process.
  7. The possibility of the paper to get published: The advantage of writing an exceptional thesis does not only extend to attaining a top grade. If the professor well receives a thesis, the likelihood of it getting passed on and published is high. Consequently, a proficiently written thesis can allow a student to make a name for themselves.
  8. It can create an interest in a research career: Additionally, a thesis project functions as an introduction for students to partake in investigations that are related to their subject. This project provides students with an insight into the research related careers.
  9. The role of the title: Most individuals underestimate the role of a thesis’ title. For research to gain popularity, it is essential to come up with an inviting yet mysterious title that entices the reader to invest their time in reading it.
  10. The availability of professional assistance: While writing a thesis is interesting for many students; the language barrier obstructs their ability to write flawlessly. For that purpose, many online facilities offer students, professional academic writers, to construct thesis papers on any given topic. As a result, students have the option to seek help always, when the project becomes too overwhelming for them.

While writing a thesis is time-consuming, it is not necessarily difficult. When students view this project with a positive attitude, they find the required enthusiasm to finish their paper with an augmented level of competency and skills. Essentially, the two factors- the creation of an exceptional thesis and the student’s passion for the project, are interconnected. Hence, positive reception of one’s thesis is directly proportional to their motivation level in performing the task!

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