4 Reasons to Reinvest in Your Wardrobe

To start off, this isn’t an article on what storage unit you need to be buying; it’s about what you need to change inside your current one. You don’t have to go mad spending money of expensive clothing, the reinvestment can be for a number of different reasons, but if you’re struggling to think of some here are 4 to get you started.


Donate Your Old Clothes

If you skip past the same clothes in your wardrobe every day knowing you’re never going to wear then again, why not make use of them and donate to a local charity or homeless shelter. You might not know it but something you not very keen on anymore might be gold to other, and a charity that can make some money from that for a good cause is perfect!

Make Your New Wardrobe More Ethical

The words “organic cotton” are becoming more familiar which is excellent, however, some people still don’t know the full benefits. Because the fashion industry is so demanding on cotton, chemicals a used on cotton farms that are hazardous to the land, locals and air and it needs to stop. Organic cotton is an indication that you know that your purchase isn’t funding this poor practices. You can also by gymwear and other accessories created with recycled products which makes for a much more sustainable future.

Invest in Quality

Garments you think will go in, and out of fashion are the exact choices you need to spend less on. With your daily essentials, invest in a premium choice means it will last a lot longer without looking worse for wear. Women’s sleepwear, jeans and coats are all examples of garments you don’t tend to change too often so spending a little more on your personal essentials can really make a difference.

Changing Your Style

Changing the way you dress can be a big step for some and reading a good fashion blog or two will help you gain the motivation to have a complete revamp. Whether you want to dress smarter more casual or have more of a variety, 2019 is the perfect year to do it!

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