3 Benefits of Choosing Plant Hire Over Purchasing Machinery

Hiring plant machinery can transform a business, or be the basis for a construction business just starting out to grow and expand. We’re big advocates for it, so are here to introduce three benefits that you access when you choose construction plant hire. Let’s get into it and help you to transform your construction business! 

More Cost Effective

The first benefit of choosing plant hire is that it is more cost effective. It is so much more affordable to hire a piece of machinery for as long as you need it, as opposed to purchasing it. The comparison is potentially spending thousands on plant hire compared to hundreds of thousands on purchasing it. This is especially the case for complex projects that require a wide range of equipment. 

It may be that one day you save up and are able to buy one or two core pieces of equipment, then hire the rest, yet hiring provides a fantastic stepping stone, or it is the core of many construction businesses. Looking at cost efficiency, you also don’t need to pay any storage costs as you would if you have your own equipment, so the savings are certainly multi-faceted. 

Access Better Quality 

Another benefit of plant hire, and potentially the biggest benefit, is that you are able to access better quality. If you were planning on buying and it was going to be a financial strain on your business, then you are unlikely to be able to access good quality machinery. This will often mean poorer results, less reliable equipment and also less safe equipment, all of which can be detrimental to any construction business. 

However, when you choose a reliable plant hire business, you will be accessing industry leading machinery for a fraction of the cost of buying. You can provide exceptional results, keep your team safe and also the best machinery is built in with complex error code software, so problems can quickly be identified and resolved. If you can’t afford to buy the best equipment, then rather than purchasing substandard versions, you should absolutely consider hiring. It can transform your business. 


Something else that you benefit from when you hire plant machinery is the flexibility. You can hire a piece of equipment for just a day if you need it for a particular part of a project, then have it collected, simple as that. When you compare this to buying a piece of equipment you don’t use often, then having to store and maintain it, then it’s a no-brainer. You are likely to provide a better service as you won’t feel restricted to using a minimal amount of equipment, but instead you can hire the right machinery for each specific job and provide the absolute best results possible. Moving forward, you are much more likely to get repeat business as a result, so you’re looking to the future rather than just now. This is key to a successful business, and in construction, choosing to hire can help you to get there.

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