Understanding Our Body Responses To Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is always happen. Each time we draw our breath; we inhale and bring more oxygen to our body. It is an essential element for your body, because it is needed for various functions, but bad things could also happen. Oxygen is highly reactive and our body will produce some amount of free radicals as well. They will attach themselves to DNA, RNA and protein; causing alterations and changes. Fortunately, our body is already designed to anticipate the damages caused by free radicals. Our body automatically seeks out damaged DNA, RNA and protein; so they can be repaired. Unfortunately, our body steadily loses its ability to repair the oxidative damage as we age and problems will start to happen. Oxidative stress is linked to many major diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, respiratory illnesses and many others.

As we get old, we can no longer rely on our internal body processes to neutralize free radicals and the effects of oxidative stress. Food with known antioxidative compounds should help us to reverse the problem. Fruits and vegetables with dark or vibrant colors are the best sources of natural antioxidants. So, it is advised to have 5 servings of vegetables and fruits As an example, if you eat plenty of broccoli, you should be able to avoid certain kinds of cancer. In reality, it is quite difficult to have five servings of vegetables and fruits each day. There are times when only meat-based meals that are available, while getting vegetables and fruits can actually be quite tricky. This is the time when we need to have antioxidants. There are pills, seed oils, powders and drinks that can give us enough antioxidative goodness.

Obviously, antioxidants themselves won’t solve all problems associated with oxidative stress, but it is clear that we need all the help we can get. This will ensure that we are less susceptible to various diseases. We can be sure that more of the free radicals that our body produces each day can be neutralized, thanks to our healthy diet. Because the natural repair process of our body is diminished progressively. The habit of consuming food rich in antioxidant should be something that we do since when we are young and have the full physical abilities to neutralize bad signs.

However, you should know that consuming too much antioxidant can be counterproductive to our body. This could have an effect on our ability to repair damages. The most important thing is to make sure that our body is always be balanced. If there is something that’s off balance, things can get worse and worse. Oxidative stress can be seen as a silent stalker and we won’t know the effect, until it’s too late. Whatever you do, you need to keep your body completely happy and healthy. It is also important to prevent getting free radicals from external sources, especially food. We also need to limit our exposure to pollution, so our body can be a highly effective machine in combating any threat that can make us ill.

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