5 best practices for an e-commerce website homepage

e-commerce website homepage

E-commerce has changed the way business works in this day and age. Therefore, the importance of your e-commerce website homepage is more than ever as it is the first impression that you make on your customer. We all have landed on platforms that we chose not to trust because of their poor interface and no attention to detail, which makes the website seem extremely dodgy. This is why it is important to work on your e-commerce website homepage.

  1. Improve Navigation Bar

Different categorization for products are a way of sorting the kinds of goods that are available for your customers. You do not want to find your product from a cluttered category because that is too much of a work. This explains why a navigation bar is so important. Navigation has other benefits as well, for instance, it improves sales. Also, if your brand operates in more than one cities or states in the US, make sure that you make separate location pages for each city/state and make them easy to navigate, so that the user living in that particular area can easily reach out to you. If an agency offers its SEO services in Orlando, Lakemary and Miami, for example, they will make sure to make 3 different location pages for al respective locations.

  1. Previous History Section

This is a rather cool add on to your homepage as it helps a customer in giving them information about similar products based on their prior research. Through this, customers could buy commodities that are more in line with their interest. This again saves their time and displays them a wide variety of products without going to tabs. It would be safe to say that it is a rather personalized homepage for your customers.

  1. A visible search box

As an e-commerce business owner, never underestimate the importance of a search box because whenever customers visit a page, they often do not have much time, as there is a lot that distracts them. They are looking for particular things and they need the search box to be evident on the homepage. It not only saves their time, but also increases customer satisfaction in general. With businesses providing a range of commodities these days, it can be quite helpful in giving them what they want. There are better techniques regarding search box and how to make the most of it.

  1. A shopping cart that updates constantly

The purpose of this shopping cart is not only to keep updating the products that you have been adding all along but also to remind you of products that you added the last time. With this, your customers will be able to retain products that they did not finalize the last time. This is a great way of reminding your customers of the options available.

  1. The first section should indicate sale

Sale is one thing that your customers are looking forward, and you must make sure to make the most of the sale season by successfully running a sale on your ecommerce website. Your homepage has to make it evident that there is a sale going on. What this does is that it gives your customers what they want by taking them to sections where there are products on reduced price. This way they are more likely to go through entire collections as well, because they are trying to compare prices and make the best possible use for their money. Make sure to use engaging colors and text in that section, as it needs to pop out among everything. Most customers wait for the sale season to grab the best outfits on a low price.

You can customize and improve the efficiency of your e-commerce website homepage in many other ways as well. However, before you get into that, it is important for you to identify what kind of an e-commerce business you are and what is the persona that you want your products to have. This will help you in choosing practices that are more relevant for your business and get you better results in terms of sale and customer service.

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