5 Ultimate Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

5 Ultimate Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

Working from home is one of the best perks that technology and connectivity brought us! So, if you’re lucky to have a job that allows you to leave the office and move your work home, make sure to treat yourself to a comfy, practical and beautiful home office. Here’s how to do it.

Light it up

Even though you need ample lighting to work, especially if your job involves a lot of writing and drawing, many people tend to neglect illumination and simply go with one general lighting fixture and one task light. However, the best way to light up your home office is to boost natural lighting. Sunlight makes people feel focused, relaxed and inspired, so make sure to remove everything that’s blocking your window and stopping the light. But, don’t forget good and layered artificial light. A bright table lamp will give you all the proper illumination that will not make you squint when you read.

Choose the right desk

5 Ultimate Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

A good desk will be a real star of your home office that will attract just the right kind of attention and provide you with ample workspace. Depending on the interior design style you’re aiming for, you can choose from heavy oak desks to more contemporary metallic ones. Also, make sure to pick the right size. A desk that’s too small will not be functional, yet a model that’s too big will swallow the room and make your space feel claustrophobic.

Stylish and comfy furniture

There’s no office without quality and comfortable furniture, so make sure to do your best to pick the right pieces that will provide you and your clients with all the coziness and support you need. But, first things first, invest in a good, ergonomic chair. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time seated behind your desk and you’ll want to avoid all the back pain and neck tension. Luckily, there are many ergonomic office chairs that will make even those long night work sessions a breeze! Additionally, you can check out secondary office furniture. If you combine a stylish lounge with a nice coffee table, you’ll end up with a cozy lobby-like corner for more relaxed business meetings with clients.

Boost storage

We don’t know if you ever had the misfortune to work in a cluttered office, but it’s definitely not a good feeling. Clutter can be very distracting and can make even the easiest of tasks last for hours. So, don’t let your office get overtaken by scattered papers, outdated sticky notes and stacks of old files. Instead, invest in good filing cabinets and sturdy binders that will keep everything under control. If you’re not into minimalism, you can employ your vertical space and install open shelving. This will allow you to achieve a tidy space yet have everything within an arm’s reach!

Finish your space like a pro

5 Ultimate Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

If you want to stay mindful and inspired, you must make your home office personal and unique to you. Think family photos, inspirational quotes and art that motivates you to push forward even when you feel like quitting. Another thing you can introduce into your office is greenery. Indoor plants will not only get a few pops of color into your space, but also help you relax and focus on the task at hand. Plants also have an amazing ability to filter the air and enrich it with oxygen, which is just what your brain needs to stay sharp! So, get a few plants you like (some are very easy to maintain, even if you have zero gardening experience) and bring your home office to life!

Once you finish decorating your home office, you’ll never want to go back to your gray, boring and sterile cubicle!

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