Three Simple Ways To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

Heat loss can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a home. It gets to winter and your central heating system doesn’t quite cut it. Yes, it will warm your house up but with poor insulation, you can soon lose that heat again. 

Many old homes have poor insulation systems which is why you should look to improve it. Not only will this keep your home warm but it will also reduce your heating bills. Let’s look at how you can reduce your energy bills and help maintain the heat in your home. 


A home can lose a large amount of heat through your floorboards, especially if your home is old and has wooden flooring. The perks of this process are that it is easy and simple. Insulation layers can be easily installed into the existing floor. Additionally, you will reduce heat loss and improve your heating systems. 

Wall Insulation

The next insulation that you need for your home is wall insulation can be installed. Again, it is a simple process that will help further improve your home and reduce heat loss. All you need to do is squirt insulation foam into the cavity of the walls. Additionally, once the foam has solidified, ensure there are no gaps there. 

Roof Insulation

With heat rising, this is where most of the heat in our homes loses its heat. This is where it gets more expensive but will reduce your heat loss significantly. The easiest way to install roof insulation will be in the loft cavity. Again, once the insulation is installed, ensure there are no gaps where heat can escape, this includes any gaps around pipework that exist or enter the building and electrical cables. 

When winter arrives, you should look at your roof from outside on a cold frosty morning. If there are spots on your roof where there is no frost then it is likely that there are air gaps in your roof at this stage. 

Even with your conservatory, you can lose a lot of heat through the roof. Having the right conservatory insulation in your conservatory will reduce heat loss and help maintain a good temperature. 

Buy Rugs For Your Floors

If you have wooden or tiled flooring, it will be worth buying large rugs for your flooring. Rugs are a great way to ensure you add more warmth to your home and as we all know, hard flooring can be very cold during winter. Rugs to cover any holes in your wooden flooring will help to reduce heat loss even more. 

Finally, Home Repairs

Last but not least, you must keep up with general maintenance for your home. If there is wood rotting away due to water damage then ensure that is resolved. Just make sure you repair the wood after you have had water damage restoration so it doesn’t ruin the wood in the future as well.

If your exterior walls are falling apart then ensure these are tended to. Water can get in from the outside and cause further damage to your home including damaging your insulation. Take care of your home and insulate your property and we can guarantee that you will reduce heat loss.

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