6 Fabulous Piercing Jewelry For A Chic Look

Fashion, rather than a passing trend, has already become a lifestyle for most women. Similarly, this is also true when talking about piercings.

Speaking of piercings for women, it is not enough to randomly pick out an accessory. In fashion, it is vital to choose an earring that matches the image that you want to portray.

Check out some of these excellent piercing pieces of jewelry to complete your chic look.

Staple Stud

Kathleen Whitaker’s 14k gold staple stud earrings are both modern and elegant.  This delicate classic is available in two sizes and is made in Los Angeles.

Short Staple measures approximately 1/4″ long. The design is simple and has a minimal feel which will complement well with formal occasions or events.

Drop Clip-on Earrings

Crystals in cage invisible drop clip-on earrings are three crystals in gold cages. These have a very feminine and elegant design which makes people curious on what’s inside the cage.

These earrings will match any outfit. Likewise, the clear crystals on top of the pendant also add to the gorgeousness of the jewelry.

Constellation Ear Crawler

The earing is adorned with tiny crystal silver ear crawlers with a matching star stud. The petite size of these ear climbers makes them extra dainty and delicate.

The ear cuffs come with one constellation ear climber and one-star stud earring. You can wear this with daily outfits to look chic and elegant.

Gold Knot Stud Earrings

These earrings are also known as Gold Wire Ball Post Earrings. These are handmade and are 14k gold-filled.

Moreover, these stud earrings come with gold filled butterfly backings. The design has a unique and rare feel to it, and it will also go well with semi-formal dresses or attire.

Long Dangling Clip-on Earrings

The Gold Rectangular Invisible Clip-on Earrings which has long dangling chains are a must-have item for those who love the trendy style.The design is an elegant mix of long shiny chains and rectangle hoops. These invisible clip-ons are wearable for both daily wear and elegant occasions.

Drop Earrings

The Tiny Zirconia Drop Earrings are so regal and beautiful that it will definitely draw the attention of others.

These earrings are hypoallergenic and lightweight which makes them suitable for everyday use! Moreover, because of the elegant design, it can also be used for special events such as weddings.


In our society today, trends pose a very high impact on the perception and life of the masses. Thus, fashion is a big deal in determining a person’s belonging to the in-crowd.

In the essence of piercing fashion, this article will help the readers gain ideas in adorning their piercings.

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