10 Types of Dressing Styles That Will Make You Look Younger

10 Types of Dressing Styles That Will Make You Look Younger

A lot of people wish to look younger than their age. It is a blessing for those who do. The way you dress also depends on how old you look. There are many ways you can dress and look younger. Following are some dressing styles which will fulfill your desire of looking younger and most of listed apparels could be found on any cute online boutiques.

  • Wear fitted jeans

 wear fitted jeans

There is a whole history of jeans! All of us remember the loose denim jeans that people used to wear in the 90’s. It made us look older and chubby. Jeans are always in style and you can wear them with any top! Nowadays, fitted jeans make you look cooler and young. Ripped jeans are also in style. You can easily cut holes in an old pair of jeans and rock them!

  • Wear brighter colors

wear brighter colors

Get rid of the dark colors and give bright colors a chance to make you feel good. You can add on 2 or 3 colors or wear one shade. Every color has a meaning behind it. When you go to a kids birthday party, you’ll see bright colors but if you go to a business meeting people wear black or navy blue which seem sophisticated and decent. There is a whole psychology of color.

  • Make your own trends

make your own trends

It’s not necessary to follow the latest styles, you can come up with your own! If you’re following the latest trends, they might be the reason which are making you look old. So try different types of dresses and follow your own trend!

  • Hire a tailor

hire a tailor

Tailors are experts in designing clothes. They know about the latest styles and trends. If you’re confused and don’t know what style will suit you, you can hire a tailor. Your whole wardrobe can be upgraded.

  • Wear less jewelry

wear less jewelry

Wearing a bunch of heavy jewelry makes you look older and mature. Wearing the right amount of jewelry will make you look young and stylish. Something as simple as hoops and a bracelet will be perfect for your look!

  • Buy the right pair of shoes

buy the right pair of shoes

The type of shoes you wear can reveal a lot about you and also your age. Boots, high heels, tennis shoes pumps, all make you look younger. So make sure to buy a pair in these categories.

  • Show some skin

show some skin

A lot of women stop doing this because they see a change in their skin. It’s a common thing which happens as we age and there is no need to be ashamed of it. You can do some make up on your legs or arms if you want to wear shorts or sleeveless.

  • Wear patterns

wear patterns

Patterns always seem to have a playful and fun impact on people. But the most common designs are zigzags, lines and stripes. Choose designs which are smooth and have softer edges.

  • Add a bit of height

add a bit of height

Looking taller can make you look younger and slim. Heels can give you an elegant and classy look. There are many types of heels such as, wedges, high heels, stilettoes etc. Wear it under your favorite dress and look younger!

  • Cover up right

cover up right

During winter, you have to cover up. Avoid wearing big huge jackets and get a fitted leather jacket. Turtlenecks give you a younger look as well. To add some more style, wear a scarf around your neck.

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