Needle & Thread Therapy: How Sewing Can Boost Your Creativity (and Calm!)

Watching things like Next in Fashion and those sewing competitions on the BBC at first made me think sewing was such a stressful thing and I couldn’t wrap my head around people doing it for hours. These thoughts always came to my mind and watching people talk about them confused me. While I am a visual learner, I daydream a lot, so it’s quite hard, so maybe I am not a visual learner. More to the point, I always wanted to sew but for some reason, I procrastinated because I think you need to know so much beforehand. The truth is, taking that plunge to pursue my passion and my dream transformed my life in the sense that I proved myself wrong that it’s difficult and found the motivation to learn. 


With online tutorials, clothing patterns and the rest available for people, sewing is so accessible for everyone and you will be shocked at how much you can surprise yourself. I will admit it did take me a minute to figure out my machine but when I didn’t, I was unstoppable. I have taken my colleague’s pieces home and gotten them, but I am still yet to make my very own piece from scratch or at least deconstruct and reconstruct.


I am writing this piece in hopes of inspiring some of you to take the plunge and learn how to pursue your sewing passions so with further ado, let’s get into all the reasons why sewing is the best.


Perfect Alone Time

When you sew, it’s the perfect opportunity to not only tell people to leave you alone but the whole world just shuts off. I can’t describe it but I can imagine it’s the exact same feeling people get when they are in their creative element or in a pure focused state. Especially when something goes wrong, which it always does, you are just in the zone trying to fix the mistake you just made.


I find it calming and rewarding at the same time because you feel so productive getting just a little bit of sewing done so I am always so happy I’ve given myself the time to do something I enjoy.



It is so rewarding to transform something that wasn’t either wearable or broken into something you can use again and the sense of accomplishment is high. I have always wanted to be created like everyone else but when I was actually able to mend my friend’s mens twin set and see their happy expression, it was a great feeling. 


But also for myself, it’s great that I can take pieces from my wardrobe that don’t fit me or flatter me and manipulate them to fit exactly in tune with my body shape and type. Having the chance to be creative without any risk allows me to open up and experiment, which is what creativity is all about, pushing the boundaries and trying new things.



You would be shocked at how affordable taking up sewing actually is, and that’s not taking in the idea that that you are buying nice fabric all the time—I mean, just in general. I can replace, redo and fix pieces already in my wardrobe or buy something from a charity shop and turn it into something brand new that would usually cost a lot of money. While the machine itself isn’t the cheapest, it’s a long-term investment that is more than worth it.

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