Exploring the Best Streetwear Layering Trends

Streetwear has been a fashion staple after it first rose to popularity due to skateboarding and hip-hop culture. The 1990s was the biggest decade for streetwear fashion and has become a global phenomenon throughout the past two decades. This popularity is partly due to how versatile streetwear is as the dynamics of it are constantly evolving to create new style trends.

Layering streetwear has become somewhat of a fashion trend, as it’s great for mixing different styles and incorporating both mainstream and underground clothing. It’s also one of the more affordable types of fashion as you don’t need to go to a high street or luxury brand to find the ideal streetwear fit.

In this guide, we will explore the best streetwear layering trends that are taking over the fashion world. Continue reading to find out more.

Trendy Layering Techniques

T-Shirt and Sweatshirt

Perhaps the most popular streetwear fashion trend is to wear both a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. There are endless options when it comes to these two staples of the streetwear industry, as you mix and match a wide range of colours and patterns. Using contrasting hues and earthy tones seems to be the current trend for this style.

If you want to add further style to your fit, you can also tuck your sweatshirt under or roll it up slightly to create a more boxy look. This kind of style is gaining a lot of popularity in 2024.

Hoodie and Gilet

Gilets have been in and out of fashion for the past couple of decades, with it currently being very trendy in the streetwear industry. Pairing a hoodie with a gilet over the top creates a very unique and stylish look. You can choose a different mix of colours, but I would suggest a grey hoodie with a black gilet over it. Looking for a men’s hoodies sale will be your best option for finding a good outfit on a budget.

There are also plenty of jazzy gilet options if you are looking to stand out from a crowd, as you can go for colourful patterns or subtle splashes of bright colours. It’s definitely a style to try while it’s currently at its peak.

Sweater and Coat

When the weather inevitably begins to cool down, you might start using streetwear layering as a way to keep warm. Pairing a sweater and coat can be perfect for keeping you warm while also keeping with the streetwear aesthetic. The coat should be structured well to keep you looking stylish and compelling. The sweater will add a touch of sophistication to your streetwear vibe.

If you are looking for the best streetwear coats, you are not short of options. Half-zip and pullover coats are in high demand at the moment, as they offer a new and interesting look that has previously been missed in the streetwear industry.

When Is The Right Time To Wear Layers?

Wearing layers is usually associated with the winter as people look to wrap up warm. However, layering can be done all year round with the right choices. During the summer, you should opt for thinner layers so that you aren’t overheating. The perfect choice for this is to choose the t-shirt and thin sweatshirt combination.

When dressing in layered streetwear, you should always dress for the season as there are always different trends depending on the time of year. Always keep your eyes peeled for the next trend to hit the streetwear scene.

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