Beauty Industry Changes To Expect In 2024

Beauty is an ever-evolving phenomenon that we just cannot seem to define, it changes in waves and trends to inspire people to try something new and reinvent themselves. Predicting incoming beauty trends for the year is easy when you pay close attention to the noise. From technology beauty integration and skin care advancements, there is a lot to look out for in 2024’s beauty trends.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Further Refine Beauty

Artificial intelligence (AI) has far-reaching tentacles spreading across aspects of modern culture that most typically would not expect it to. Most people wouldn’t necessarily link the beauty industry with artificial intelligence, but it is coming and it looks like it is here to stay! Use cases for AI in the beauty industry include skin analysis algorithms and personalised skincare routines; which will both lead to personalised products. Personalised beauty products will probably retail for a higher price than your standard run-of-the-mill beauty product, but for good reason as you will get a product personally designed for you.   

AI can also aid both health and restorative beauty professionals when it comes to tracking hard things such as skin ageing, which is harder for humans to track. This means that AI technology has a higher chance of spotting abnormalities and skin conditions such as melanoma, which can allow healthcare professionals to start treatment as soon as possible. Restorative beauty professionals may be able to use AI to develop personalised treatments for people, to allow the plastic surgeon to make the best decisions to achieve the best outcome for the patient. 

Social Media Influencers Show No Signs Of Slowing Down

We live in the world of TikTok and Instagram selfies, where there are too many influencers to count that each claim to have their unique take on how to increase your beauty. Previously it has been ‘latte make-up’ and ‘one-minute milk bath nails’, this coming year it could be absolutely anything; so prepare yourself and get ready to soak up those trends! 

What is clear though is the fact that fragrance is big news in 2024 already, with over a quarter of Gen Z planning to “express themselves by discovering a significant scent in 2024” according to Instagram’s 2024 Trend Talk. This trend is being pumped up by influencers explaining how the different fragrances make them feel. 

Global Skincare Market Projected To Boom

Consumers are increasingly concerned about taking care of the skin on their bodies, not just on their faces and necks like previously before. Meaning that there is a growing market for skincare tailored for skin that is below the neck. Influencers are also paving the way for this change as well, by promoting the benefits of using skin care products on your entire body and not just on your face and neck. 

‘Natural’ Cosmetic Enhancements Charging Forwards 

We have all witnessed the surge in cosmetic enhancement demands from consumers. In an effort to appear smooth and imperfection free, much of the population has undergone some form of plastic surgery. Despite this, we are seeing a turn in 2024. Now, people are stripping back their filler, and opting for cosmetic surgery in Manchester to simply enhance their own features, as opposed to changing themselves. This undateable cosmetics movement is becoming more and more prominent, and we are here for it. Take Kim Kardashian for example, she has said goodbye to her overfilled lips and body, and opted for a much more stripped back, and cinched natural state.   


Overall, we can not wait to see what the beauty business will bring in 2024. From futuristic advancements to influencer trends, the beauty industry is only expect to grow. Whether you are a new beauty brand looking to break into the market, or you simply wish to understand the direction that beauty is heading, keep an eye on the trends and let us know if our predictions come into fruition! 

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