How To Properly Care For Your Jewellery When Travelling!

When you’re travelling around the world, you still want to look your best, which means taking your favourite jewellery with you! We’re here to help you keep your jewellery in the best possible condition whilst you’re travelling, so you can continue to sparkle in your favourite pieces even when you’re away from home. 


Get A Travel Jewellery Case

The first thing you should do to look after your jewellery when you’re travelling is to get yourself a travel jewellery case. These come in all different shapes and sizes so you can find the right one depending on how much luggage space you have, but they all do a similar job, which is to keep your jewellery safe in transit and also to prevent tangling or the pieces from damaging each other at all. You can get very small ones that just have room for a few pieces if you don’t wear much, or much bigger ones to take a larger collection or if you have more room spare. 


Separate Pieces With Small Sealable Plastic Bags

If the jewellery case you choose doesn’t have many compartments, or you’re really short on space and don’t have room for a case, then you should separate pieces with small sealable plastic bags. These take up next to no room, you can keep them all in a bigger plastic bag and everything is completely separate. This is particularly good for things like necklaces to stop them getting tangled, or small pieces like flat back earrings so you know where everything is. 


Buy Solid Gold and Sterling Silver 

In order to stop your jewellery getting tarnished, damaged or discolouring, it’s best to always buy solid gold and sterling silver. We know it’s more expensive, but it is an investment, as it can last a lifetime. This will mean that when you’re swimming and using suncreams, you don’t need to worry about taking all of your jewellery off and storing it. Plus, it means you can accessorise all of your looks when travelling, not just your evening ones! Get yourself a few core pieces of solid gold and sterling silver jewellery and it will be so worth it, both when you’re travelling and when you’re at home. 


Leave Behind When Doing Adventurous Activities

Last but not least, it’s best to leave behind your jewellery when you’re doing any adventurous activities. Jewellery getting damaged or falling off is much more common when you’re doing things like diving, water sports, hiking, rafting and so on, so it’s just best not to wear your jewellery to avoid any potential losses. Make sure where you’re staying has a safe if you are taking your jewellery with you, then you can leave it there with peace of mind that it’ll be safe. Sometimes when you’re taking part in these adventurous activities you’ll be asked not to not wear jewellery anyway, so taking it off and leaving safely at your accommodation rather than trying to find somewhere to keep it safe when you’re out is preferable! 

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