7 Reasons You Should Use SharePoint as A Content Management System

Reasons You Should Use SharePoint as A Content Management System

The internet has given birth to several new forms of professions. Where sometimes an internet business may exist physically too, there may be times when an internet business may exist only on the internet. No, I am not talking about all those hoaxes. I am talking about when the functions of a business are limited only to the internet itself. For example, businesses such as digital marketing may not exist anywhere in the tangible world. They belong in the realm of internet and end there. Where hybrid forms of businesses, such as www.computersinthecity.co.uk/ may also exist that specialize in providing internet services over the internet..

How Are These Businesses Managed?

Since these businesses are not like any other conventional forms of business, people often wonder how they function and how they are managed. Well, the management in terms of a top order hierarchy and a workforce may be just as in a normal corporation with a CEO on top and managers responsible for overseeing the business. The real difference lies in how the work is done and what tool are used.

In a digital marketing business, there are tools to help you get your work done. Just like in a stock exchange, complex software may be available to help people assess all that information at once, people in a Digital Marketing environment are aided by tools. One of the most important tools of digital matketeers or other internet businesses are called Content Management Systems.

These are software that enable you to effectively assess or manipulate your content for the work. It may also allow collaboration between parties and make their work easier by allowing the software’s own templates and ideas to get the work done.


SharePoint is one such software. It comes from Microsoft – the same companies that gave you word, excel and power point. SharePoint is a very strong tool to help with your business. Its features such as the Content organizer, Asset libraries, content sharing and so give you just so many functions. SharePoint is clearly a great tool and is one of the best software for Content Management Systems.

Here are some Reasons why you should make CMS your priority when it comes to content management:


  • Sharing:


SharePoint, as the name suggests, encourages collaboration and team work. SharePoint eliminates the need for you to communicate over emails. Instead you could communicate and work on your project simultaneously with SharePoint. This can not only make work more and more efficient, but also make it more and more fun.


  • Control:


Although it allows you to share and collaborate, SharePoint also gives you the ability to protect your privacy and work on your own. SharePoint gives you increased security and allows you to limit the audience on your document to only certain tasks. Such as you could allow your collaborators to only view the document without allowing them access to edit or you could allow them to suggest edits instead of going on to edit your document.


  • Versions:


SharePoint allows you an amazing feature of looking at previous versions of the same document. So, if you were editing a proposal and you wanted to see whether another theme would look better, instead of changing a theme over and over again, you could apply a new theme and compare it with the older version.


  • Upgrade:


Like word or powerpoint or windows itself, Microsoft’s software are continuously improving. The improvements make your work so much easier than before. SharePoint too is upgradable. It adds new features and improves speed and efficiency which makes working easier.


  • Views:


Remember the last time you had to do a research and you downloaded multiple documents with lots of information to consult, but you just could not focus on the right information? SharePoint has a way around this. In SharePoint you could use shareable screenshots (views) and meta tagging to easily get all the relevant documents in a jiffy.


  • Easy Distribution:


SharePoint makes it extremely easy for you to share the right information with the right users. You can specify rules of folders and then upload your information to that document so that it goes to only the relevant persons.


  • Monitoring:


SharePoint not only allows you control and security, but also great monitoring skills. You can set alerts on your documents to know every time it is altered. So, you can always stay in the loop for all information exchanges or alterations and manage everything properly.

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