“Anatomy For Writing A Cover Letter” – A Helpful Guide For Students

Many students don’t even know what a cover letter is? Well, a cover letter is a letter we send to the company with a resume or a CV attached to it. Not all companies need a cover letter, but if you do send one, it shows the intention to apply for a job within the company. Believe or not but it indeed gives us the opportunity to talk about what’s in the resume or about our expertise and skills. A cover letter that we send to the company to apply for a job, is also known as a job application letter.

Consider for a moment that it’s time now for many students to graduate. Students start to realize that it’s time now to start work. But, they mostly lack the skills of writing a proper cover letter. Such circumstances are pretty usual for those students who are not very skillful in their academic writing skills and are accustomed to asking their friends for favors such as write my assignment for me. Through the information stipulated below, students can learn how to write a convincing cover letter better than some people who may already know about it.

Common Elements That Are Placed In A Cover Letter

  • How did you get to know about the position?
  • Why do you think you will fit this position?
  • Why do you want to work here? (Showing that you’ve have researched the type and target company and have the ability to match the job description in the announcement?)
  • On a side note, you should thank in advance for answers and consideration.

Following are the steps for writing a cover letter:

Step 1: Greet the company/employer with courtesy such as “Dear [company name]”

Discuss the types of people you would like to apply for, or you could study the HR Department of that company.

Step 2: Mention which position you are applying for in your resume.

That said, let’s say you apply for a particular position. Make sure to mention the position designation in the subject title of the email you send.

Step 3: Highlight your skills and qualification for the job posting.

Tell them about your skills and experience. You must ensure your expertise match the job description in job postings. Explain to them that your skills and qualifications are fit for this job.

Step 4: Reserve a paragraph to explain why you are worthy of the vacancy.

You should explain briefly regarding why the company or employer which you are applying for a job posting should hire you. Your joining reason must be robust and convincing to seal the deal.

Step 5: Conclude the cover letter with a summarised paragraph.

You can conclude the writing process of your cover letter by summarising the reason for your enthusiasm for the designated job posting.

Step 6: Finish your writing while remaining courteous.

You can finish your cover letter by end greeting, i.e. “Yours Sincerely, Best Regards.”

It’s important to stay to the point throughout the letter, you mustn’t allow yourself the liberty to get too generous with the details. Therefore, see to it that you succinctly convey your intentions, whilst pairing it with impeccable language tools.

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