Writing an essay is the most dreaded task among college going students, and that is a fact. An essay is a short piece of writing in which students discuss the subject or topic diligently and effectively. Before beginning to write, students get intimidated by the daunting and lengthy process of the essay due to which they procrastinate and waste a lot of time. It must be acknowledged that essays are the most crucial and important part of academia and they teach people how to think and evaluate situations and problems critically. Therefore, this activity must be taken very seriously.

Several times, it is observed that students are unable to produce quality content because they aren’t educated about the basics, or they’ve forgotten it over time. Students can easily deal with this problem by simply searching, reading, and understanding from the Best Essay Examples available online. Due to the advancement in technology, there are various sources available online that can help you learn or brush up essay writing skills. You don’t necessarily have to take separate classes or courses for this purpose as everything is now accessible with one swipe.

To write an impressive essay, you have to be conscious of the formatting and structure of the essay. Although there are four different types of essay, the format of each essay is somewhat the same. They all contain an introductory paragraph, the main body, and a concluding paragraph. In the introduction, you have to give thesis statement and address the subject or topic which you will be handling in the essay. It has to be precise and straightforward. In the main body, you have to analyse each evidence and supporting sentences in detail carefully.

In conclusion, you have to give your final verdict or moral of the story.  The only way you can distinguish between each type of essay is through the tone and voice. This tone or style is also the reflection of a writer’s personality and gives a slight insight into his or her emotions and cognition. Below are the four different types of essays that are significantly different from one another.

  • Narrative essay: This is a more personalised form of writing as the student or writer has to focus and emphasis on a story based on real-life Since the essay is usually written from the first person’s perspective, you have to utilise the word “I” a lot. This makes the reader invested in your story further as they feel included and being part of the story as well.
  • Descriptive essay: In this particular type, you have to paint a picture for your You have to provide details and minor information and emphasis on your meaning and words. You have to use descriptive words that elaborate a scene.
  • Persuasive essay: Here, your tone becomes urgent as you have to urge the readers to see the world from your point of you. You have to convince them regarding your topic.
  • Expository essay: This type of essay is based on facts and statistical figures. You have to give scientific evidence and carefully analyse the situation or problem without involving personal opinions or feelings.

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