Go Surfing: TOP 5 Modern Gadgets for Summer Activities

It’s summer time! This is a season of sport, outdoor activities, and interesting journeys. What are you going to do this summer? How about going somewhere to California for surfing? What a great idea! You may have more great travel ideas with Rental24 car rental in Oakland!

So where in California are the best surfing spots? Of course, you should pay attention to Oakland neighborhoods. There are enough places for experienced surfers, or even some beginners. Let your Oakland trip start with rental car company. You may simply use your Rental24h mobile app to pick the most comfortable car to pack all your equipment, friends and go to meet adventures.

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Where to Go

So, what are they, the most comfortable surfing spots in Oakland region?

Toll Plaza Beach

This beach is situated on the North from the city. The only one way to get there is by car. The beach area is attractive to lay on and go swimming. This territory is also popular for wind and kite surfers and also you may stay for camping here. Thus, think about renting a minibus or something that is comfortable to live in.

Crown Memorial State Beach

There is another beach not far from Oakland. You may have lots of great memories here! People usually come here for weekend to enjoy the beach. This is also a popular place for swimming and all kinds of surfing.

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Popular Gadgets for Summer Activists

What makes your sport easier? Is it possible to mix surfing and technology? Is there some space for technology in modern day surfing? Now, check the list below and decide if you need all those gadgets or no. These are TOP 5 the most popular!

  1. GoPro Camera

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is GoPro camera. All active people need it. This is your chance to save and show your unique experience. What is more, it is waterproof even without a case. The technical characteristics can be different for different models, but the display is really hard to beat. The best camera you can find now can boast with 4K resolution at 60FPS at that time when the previous model was limited to 30FPS. The high waves, sunlight or low light is not a problem. What is more, there is such a unique option as the voice control. That simply means you can turn on or off the camera every time you suddenly need it.

  1. Shark Repellent

This gadget is also called the shark stopper, is an important and modern device that every surfer needs. It is lightweight and rechargeable gadget that can protect you from various kinds of sharks without harming them. It produces sounds that are unpleasant for sharks with different frequency. It keeps the sharks away up to 20 meters. Of course, it reduces a risk of being attacked by sharks. Definitely, the most of beaches are safe for surfing and diving. But, it is better to protect yourself in the ocean. Watch the battery! It is important to charge it ONTIME. In general, the full battery keeps your device working for four hours or even more.

Underwater housings, 35mm


  1. Ear Plugs

Surfing isn’t comfortable when the weather is cold and windy. Your ears should be protected. What is the matter? There is a risk of developing exostosis. This is a condition when the bone is growing in the ear canal. The treatment of this abnormal growth is surgery. It is better to keep your ears in safe for surfers, divers, swimmers, even for sailors. So, why ear plugs? You can find you’re the best brand that gives you a balance of hearing and protection. Really, sometimes, you can even forget that you are wearing protective plugs.

  1. Surfing Smartwatch

Smartwatch is what people wear every day to contact with friends, check the temperature, find needed location.  So, why do you need it for surfing? What is special in surfing smartwatch? The point is your watch delivers detailed information about the weather conditions. It can be useful to know in details about waves, wind, water and air temperature. What is more, you can get the information about weather condition at any of your favorite spots to inform you when the surf conditions are good and enjoyable.

Garmin Smartwatch


  1. GPS Watch

GPS watch is a kind of Surfing smartwatch. It can also show you the waves size, wind strength and direction, temperature. What is more, the watch masterfully monitors your movements and position in the ocean. You can find any direction on it. The watch is synced with the smartphone special app you should download. It is called the Rip Curl Search app. You can easily find the way in the ocean, whatever happened. It is also helpful for a life saving service when you can show your exact location with the help of your app.

Of course, you can find more helpful gadgets for your Oakland trip. And you should use them as they were specially invented to make your life easier and your vacation safer and pleasant. Don’t refuse using IT in your life. We are modern people in the modern society. So, take your time to explore more and more interesting surfing spots and stay in safe at that.


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