How to Introduce Rummy to Freshers?

Rummy is a simple card game and hence is very easy to learn. Most people in India know this game well making it the favourite card game choice for all get-togethers. Yet, if you come across people in a gathering who still don’t know even the basics of the game, you may always take the initiative to teach them the game. Here, we have listed out a step by step approach to introduce rummy card game to fresher’s. This is the best way to introduce the game to newbies without scaring them:

Give A Brief Introduction Regarding the History of the Game

Most people who know nothing about Indian Rummy may not be interested to join in. You need to make sure you develop their interest and the best way to do this is by describing the history and origin of the game. They will enjoy to hear how the game was initially played across the continent and was brought to India by the traders. Tell them how the game was altered in different parts of India into the modern variations which we enjoy.

Explain the Rules of The Game

Once you have acquired everybody’s interest by providing a proper introduction, you may move on to the next stage and explain how to play rummy. You may explain the rules as listed below:

  • Each player for the 13-card rummy game is distributed 13 cards each.
  • The goal of each player is to make a full hand which includes 2 sequences and 2 melds.
  • Out of the two sequences made, one needs to be a natural sequence made without the use of joker.
  • The other sequence is called a real sequence and it may make use of joker.
  • A person can check his cards and pass the game if he thinks there is no chance of winning. A certain number of points are charged for passing at the beginning.
  • A person may also quit or pass in the middle of the game but the number of points charged this time are higher.
  • The natural and real sequences are together termed as life. If you have not created even your life and the opponent calls it rummy, you are charged full 100 points.

Play A Demo Round Without Including the Newbies

If need arises, you may repeat the game rules a second time. Once you are sure each player has heard the rummy game rules clearly, you can move on to the next stage of showing a demo. In the demo round, let the newbies remain just as observers. Allow them to observe your game. Give them an opportunity to ask queries and clear all the doubts they may have.

Play Few Practice Rounds Including the Newbies

After a few demo rounds, you need to check how much the newbies have grasped. For this, you need to allow them to play the next round. Avoid using points in these practice rounds. These rounds are meant only to give the new players a hang of the game.

Invite the Players to Khelplay Rummy to Encourage Them To Practice

Even after the session disperses, newbies may want to try playing the game to learn it better. The best way you can do it is by helping them to create an account on Khelplay Rummy and play with practice chips. This will help them sharpen their rummy playing skills as they play rummy online.

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