How To Pick A Prom Dress By Your Body Shape

One of the biggest things you need to cover for prom is something we can’t see confidence. The easiest way to achieve this is by being comfortable in your chosen prom dress, and knowing it suits your body type is almost a guarantee this will be the case.

It can be a little confusing trying to figure out what dress works best for each type, so we’ve narrowed things down for you to make it easy!


An hourglass figure will usually have reasonably balanced proportions – the bust and hips are the same widths, and the waist is smaller. If you have this figure, your best bet is always going to be to accentuate your assets – your curves!

V-neck style prom dresses will emphasize a full bust, and look amazing when pulled in at the waist. Mermaid and A-line dresses are also great options for this body type.

Avoid dresses that are loose and hide your beautiful, natural curves.


Pear-shaped figures tend to be fuller around the legs and hips, with a smaller bust, waist, and shoulders. This body shape should look for dresses that bring the eye to the top half of the body and mid-section.

A-line dresses are flattering for this body type as they cinch in at the waist; however, it’s important to look for styles that have detailing around the bodice, to emphasize the chest and shoulder areas.

Avoid dresses fuller around the bottom with lots of material around the hips and legs.

Plus Size

Plus sizes figures can be very similar to an hourglass shape as the bust and hips are usually wider than the waist. The trick for shopping for plus size prom dresses is to look for styles that accentuate your assets while lengthening or slimming other areas.

Floor-length or sweeping dresses with a tightened waist that draw attention to the bust are fantastic choices for a plus size prom dress as it emphasizes your curves.

Avoid dresses with heavy materials that add bulk, or loud patterns.

Pencil or Rectangle

This body type is also known as the ‘straight up, straight down’ figure, as all parts of the torso are relatively the same measurements. Ladies with this body shape should try and create curves using color combinations or asymmetrical styles.

One-shoulder dresses with a cinched waist such as this design from JJ’s House create a feminine, shapely silhouette for this body shape.

Avoid clingy, sequined materials that look shapeless on the body.


An apple-shaped figure will have broad shoulders with a waist that is not much smaller than the hips. If you have this figure, try and draw attention away from your mid-section to bring the focus back to your shoulders and legs.

Your number one pick of a prom dress would be a high-low gown with spaghetti straps or strapless. This will emphasize your defined shoulders and slim legs, and draw attention away from your undefined middle.

Avoid dresses with belts or tight fittings in the waist.


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