Summer Trends You Can Wear in Autumn

This summer was full of infectious trends that took over the runways and eventually our high-streets. This autumn is no exception, with bold prints and fashion throwbacks rife in the collections of the world’s top designers. Many see autumn as a way to show off their style given the opportunity for layering looks. However, if you can’t quite let go of summer and still want to make the most of your summer wardrobe, here are 5 summer trends you can wear in Autumn:


  1. Crazy Prints

Patterned blouses and stripy shorts were a highlight of the summer trends this year, so bring it into autumn season by jumping on board the animal print look. Whether it’s leopard, tiger or even snake print – autumn is all about unleashing your inner animal this season. You could opt for a classic leopard print coat or accessorise with tiger print scarf.


  1. Headwear

Bucket hats are a throwback to the 90’s thoroughly embraced by designers this year, with brands like Gucci and Calvin Klein being early adopters. Headwear is always a classic addition to any outfit if you need a little more accessorising. Furthermore, streetwear is great because it is appropriate at any time of year, so make the most of it by pairing trucker hats with your favourite autumnal coat.


  1. Twin Sets

Twin sets have been a phenomenal trend that have completely taken over holiday wear for anyone headed abroad. They’re easy to throw on for an instantly stylish outfit that looks effortlessly cool. Whether you’re browsing a museum like a true tourist or popping out for a drink with your friends, there’s nothing as quick and easy to wear than a twinset. Bring them into autumn by swapping the shorts for joggers to still keep in with your coordinated look.


  1. Suave Sunglasses

In summer we saw the return of Britpop sunglasses combined with the latest trend of “tiny sunglasses”. If you were brave enough to hop on the tiny sunglasses bandwagon, then why not bring the trend into autumn? Whoever said sunglasses were just for summer weren’t thinking about how chic they can look paired with a smart blazer and fitted trouser ensemble.


  1. Block Colours

Summertime is all about bright colours and bold statements, so keep this in mind for your autumnal wardrobe. Block colours are in this season. Wear matching colours head-to-toe is a smart look, best worn with a matching suit or fitted shirt and trousers. The most popular colours include pastel colours, subdued reds and electric blue’s if you’re feeling daring.


Perfect Your Autumn Wardrobe

Just because summer is technically over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still rock your favourite outfits with an autumn twist. As long as there’s plenty of layering involved, there’s no reason you can’t wear patterned shirts and twin sets for when the weather turns a little colder. With autumn taking much inspiration for the summer trends, you’ll still be completely stylish without having to buy a whole new autumn wardrobe.

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