Rock The Dad Jeans Trend This Summer

Rock The Dad Jeans Trend This Summer

Dad jeans offer comfort in the hot summer months. Have you bought yours yet?

Jeans are a staple in almost every man’s wardrobe today. Over the years, jeans have graduated from a strictly casual item of clothing to an accepted part of the ensemble even for formal occasions (provided you accessorise properly and wear fitted men’s jeans).

But there is a new trend in jeans for men that is so fun and casual, you would want to wear it all the time in the hot summer. It’s called the ‘dad jeans’, and its loose pants leg lets your skin breathe even in the most sweltering heat.

What are ‘dad jeans’, really?

The dad jeans for men trend is pretty self-explanatory. It’s like the ‘dad bod’ trend of a few years ago when slouchy bodies with pot bellies and flabby arms became an unlikely style statement for middle-aged men. However, the dad jeans for men style can be adopted even by younger men.

Like the name suggests, the dad jeans are a type of men’s jeans in a style and cut that your dad would prefer to wear. This simply means that the pants leg is straight and loose, and long enough to be folded once or twice at the ankle. The fit is loose at the hips as well. However, the jeans fit well at the waist and buttocks.

Just because the style suggests a relaxed silhouette, it doesn’t mean that the look spells ‘slob’. In fact, your style can be totally on point even with these jeans on.

Getting the dad jeans trend right

If you want to try the dad jeans style this season, here’s what you do:

  • Log on to a leading fashion site like Jabong. You can find a variety of styles in jeans for men. If you want to particularly buy dad jeans, look for a ‘comfort’ fit and find the jeans you want.
  • Check the size guide on the size correctly to match your hip and waist measurements. The size guide offers measurements in both inches and centimetres.
  •  Make sure the pants leg doesn’t cover your shoes. It should stop at the ankles.
  •  Look for good colours. If you are allowed to wear jeans to work, you can pick a dark blue, black or grey colour. Other colours to try are sky blue, indigo and deep green.
  •  Dad jeans go well with both tees and shirts. However, it is better if the top is a bit formal to balance out the relaxed bottom half of your ensemble. Pick T-shirts with a collar, or tees with full sleeves. Meanwhile, shirts with full sleeves and a sober checked or striped patterns should suffice.
  • Pick leather shoes with laces, or brogues. Flip flops and chappals look sloppy with dad jeans.
  • Finish with shades, cologne, a slim wrist watch and a smile!

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