How To Choose The Best Prepaid Plan

We list the parameters you should look out for when buying a prepaid phone connection and plan.

Buying a prepaid plan is a fairly simple process – you choose the one you like, undergo a KYC verification, and you’re done. But how can you be certain that you bought the best-prepaid plan in the market?

Buying the best-prepaid plan depends on whether your team up with a good service provider or not, and whether the provider offers you the best combination of plans to choose from. Do bear the following parameters in mind when you buy your next prepaid plan:

* The best mobile service provider.

There are many mobile service providers in India, but only leading ones like Airtel provide the best combination of prepaid plans and customer service. Airtel has all its current prepaid plans listed on its website and phone app. Just pick one and initiate the purchase process. Once you submit your documents for KYC, the SIM is given to you and activated the moment your documents are verified.

* Easy recharge process.

A prepaid phone connection requires you to do the online recharge on it once the pack validity is over, or if your account balance is running low. There is no point enlisting for a prepaid connection with a provider who does not offer an easy recharge on it. For example, just like it is extremely simple to buy the prepaid connection from Airtel, it is even simpler to do the easy recharge on the connection. You can do the easy recharge on the Airtel website or using the myAirtel app on your smartphone. The recharge takes just a few seconds of your time, and the payment is acknowledged at once.

* Excellent range with good pricing.

The mobile service provider that you choose must have a wide range of prepaid plans to choose from for the city of your residence. Not just a wide range, but the plans must also be competitively priced to offer the best range of features (data, network speeds, unlimited calling and texting options, access to other apps, etc.) Look up the plans and compare them with prepaid plans from other leading providers to arrive at the best one.

* Data speeds.

The best-prepaid plans can come to nought if the Internet speed is slow. Check for network stutters, constant time lags for buffering videos and other content, and also frequent outages. Go with providers like Airtel, which offers the fastest Internet speeds (as attested to by Ookla speed test) and always-on connectivity. Generally, any connection with speeds of 40 Mbps or higher is considered good options.

* If you get unlimited data or not.

Airtel also offers the best-prepaid plans for another reason: it offers unlimited data for the entire pack validity on a daily basis. Based on the plan you choose, you can get between 1.4 GB to 2 GB daily while the pack is valid. This is a great feature if you are a prepaid user who uses their phone extensively for a variety of functions.

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