Students Activities: Fun Things To Do With Your Friends for Little Money


Summer time! You have a chance to spend some time with your college friends. Spending time with friends is the greatest thing! Do you have plans? If you are tired from clubs and pubs, you may organize your friends for a road trip. Try to rent a car from 14Cars and pick the right destination. It depends on what you want. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility to save some budget. There is always something to do with friends!

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

So, it’s time to pack! Find a car, call for your friends. Planning can be really exhausting. So, before you meet all challenges of the open road, here are few things you should keep in mind. Let it be your plan to remember.

  1. Plan your route and stops.
  2. Rent a car and check your credit card to have enough money. You can take a good car and share the price with your friends. What an attractive proposal!
  3. Go packing!
  4. Stay entertained on the road.
  5. Find the ways to save some cash. It is possible on the road!

Trip to Angsana


Have Fun With Friends

So, what can you do with friends for fun but for low budget?

Potluck dinner

What an idea! There is one thing that is interesting and very profitable! Ask your friends to divide all expenses, including not only the price for a car rental, but their meals. Everyone can bring something tasty to share! What else, you can bring ingredients and cook something altogether.

SPA day

It is difficult to find the idea better, especially for girls of for couples! You can take manicure procedures, change your hair or face masks. Just relax and drink something to refresh.

Movie marathon

Do you like watching films? Which one is your favorite? Which one do your friends like the most? Just find the topic and watch the movies for the whole night! It can be everything, like 80s movie marathon or modern cinemas. Need to find a free trail!

Walk in the park

It sounds simple but can be rather interesting in a big company. So, how about visiting the nearest park, have a picnic, watch nature, people, and play outdoor games?

teKIELa-Sunrise 2017


Yard sale

As a rule, people like sales! Take your chance and lead a yard sale before the trip. You can get some extra money for your vacation in this way. It’s not a problem to clean your apartments and find something creative for sale. Ask your friends bring something for sale!

Park concerts

Walking in the park, don’t try to leave it in the evening. There are many interesting concerts! They are mostly free! Go with your friends to visit a concert after picnic and walk. This is the most effective FREE way to hang out in a hot summer evening.


Of course, it doesn’t look like entertainment. Nevertheless, it is not a problem to find a place or organization in your city to help to. What about the kids’ center or animal shelter? Just spend some time with them. Spending useful time together, you can try something new, discover new opportunities, take more duties and find a topic to talk about and always remember.

Board games

Don’t forget about the board games. It is possible to play them even in the car. How about the legendary Scrabble? It must be very interesting as you can play teams or smaller groups, or even against each other. You may also organize a prize for a winner!

PS4 Controller


Video games

If you don’t like playing board games or cannot do that for any reason, why don’t you play video games? How about a video game competition? You can pick one game you prefer the most and compete with your friends. The prizes (mostly food) are available!

Play a ball

Boring from playing indoors? Are you ready to play football, baseball or volleyball in the local park or sport ground? The most of the fields are free.

Go diving or surfing

The sea attractions are good if you are traveling somewhere in California. Anyway, if you have the ocean near at hand and some money for diving equipment, you may go diving. You can take the best photos, make a video or find something interesting.

Surfing The Passage


Book club

Of course, reading is not the funniest activity in the world! But you can easily make it interesting. So, you can organize your own book club. You can read books with the help of your smartphone even in the car! So, you may discuss them, argue, make performances, read poems or your own stories.

It’s summer time. Just go out of the house! There is much interesting outside. It could be anything. You may anywhere and do your best to spend marvelous time in a good company. Look! Is there a state park you’ve seen only on Instagram? Go for it. Is there a popular restaurant you’ve never visited because of prices but now you may catch a big sale for happy hour? Go! Enjoy your trip and your company!

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