Tata Tiago Buying Experience

Tata Tiago Buying Experience

Tata Motors has always pushed out some of the most performance efficient cars with minimalistic. Tata Tiago is rendered as the successor to the aging Tata Indica. It was launched within range of Rs.3.20L. It has been rated as one of the values for money oriented cars and its sales soared the market rapidly. The hatchback has been designed exceptionally with traditional Alto look combined with the modern elevated one that is found in WagonR. With not much of a gap between the aesthetic design and the tires, the car looks more grounded and a bit lower. It has got a dual toned dashboard with a contemporary and modern outlook of the interiors that gives it a premium feel. The black fabric of the seats compliments well with a cuneal top and the larger side bolsters.


  • A conventional infotainment system that is Bluetooth oriented is found.
  • Use MapMyIndia app to stream your navigation on your central screen from your Android or IOS device.
  • Airbags and Anti-Lock braking system are bundled along with electronic rear view mirrors and a conformable steering column.
  • Dedicated bottle slots and cup holders along with a distinguished shelf to store your device like iPad.


It has got both diesel and petrol models with 5-speed manual gearbox. A 1.2L engine is packed with a tri-cylinder unit but lacks a turbocharger. But sadly, it creates a lot of noise especially when driven hard and feels a bit rough. Surely, it is still better than many of the other models

In this range in terms of performance. The diesel variant boasts a 1.0L tri-cylinder engine with an average power of 70PS and 140Nm of torque. Surely, it does lag when driven in high gear but lower speed making it a task for drivers whose primary concern is the efficiency of fuel.


  • Handling is top notch and is quite neutral and easy to drive as the electronic steering has been tuned really well.
  • Driving on rough and steep uneven surfaces shouldn’t be troublesome as the car makes an adjustment easily and the drive is fairly comfortable with slight unsettlement.

Tata is known for producing a well to do cars but has a lower resale value with no cost-cutting being done as compared to other vendors in this segment. Tata Tiago buying experience shows that it can deliver a handy mileage of 15kms which is a deal maker for many customers. The engine does require more power and refinement to overshadow the numb performance. It does provide a new look to Tata motors market in India as it evolves its design with great interiors and adequate handling. It’s worth buying as it has got a solid built with cheap spares available in the market and low servicing cost. The eco mode driving helps you save on fuel while the city mode can be used for normal driving. In fact, it has got a wonderful sound system with deep bass and other sound effects. Considering its price point, it is a very good deal and fulfills the need of an average user.

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