Fiat, Mercedes or BMW Rental for All Occasions! Pick RIGHT CAR!

Are you going to the world’s top tourist resort to spend a beautiful time there? Miami Beach is the most famous beach in America with blue water, soft sand, celebrities, and other bright visitors. Do you really want to spend your weekend out there? Great! How about BMW rental? Is that a good car for a beach vacation? If not, how to pick a car that suits your road the most? Are there any rules?

Fiat 500C



  • Count how many passengers you will have in your car. People and luggage much influence over how much space you need and which car to rent.
  • Think of what kind of vacation you want. Different types of vacation needs different types of cars. Thus, extreme sport needs sport cars or SUVs, camping makes you to rent a van or minivan. BMW rental will be perfect for a city weekend.
  • Learn more about the car types, rates, possible sales, and insurance beforehand.


MINI Clubman



Beach Trip

Pay attention to Mini Clubman! This type of car is perfect for the beach! How? Look at it! It welcomes you to invite your friends, load up a board, camera, and GO SURFING. There is a space behind the seats to put a cooler. Check the prices on the website. If the car is not available, you can try Mini Convertible car. This car also has enough space for your beach stuff.

Mountains Ride

Riding car in the mountains needs specific features. Have a camping trip in mind? So, the truck will be perfect for you. The most popular truck Nissan Frontier will cost over $60 per day. If you don’t like camping but just need a good car to ride in the mountains, pay attention to Fiat models. Thus, Fiat Spider will be a perfect car for you. Also, you can try Mazda universal. These cars are both attractive and pretty good to drive in the mountains with much luggage. You can check availability and prices at the website of your rental company.



City Tour

City driving needs a small compact car which is easy to park. Honestly, parking can be a problem to find it in the historical city center. So, it is better to pick Smart or something like Car2Go. It would be enough for two passengers. Smart cars look nice. If you cannot find Smart in your area, try to ask for Fiat 500 or Fiat Cabrio. These cars are easy parkable and maneuverable on the narrow city streets. You can leave the car at the street side if you cannot find a parking lot.

Long Trip

Going for a long trip you need a big comfortable auto like Mercedes-Benz. Check your car is equipped with GPS, self-driving, safety bags, and other important systems and mechanisms. You badly need an air conditioner, Distronic Plus system. You may need it during a long trip or road accident. Mercedes cars are known as the most dependable cars ever.

Impress Others

Sometimes, you need a car to impress your friends or partners. Searching for a good convertible or SUV car for your business partners, pay attention to BMW rental. BMW i8 belongs to the group of luxury prestigious cars. The price for it is about $300-400 per day. Hats off! You really look cool. BMW rental is not the only option in this category. You can pick Mercedes G550, but it is going to be much costlier. Speaking about SUVs, pay attention to mileage and gas rates. Lux cars need special attention. You are limited in speed and meet different requirements about the driver’s age, insurance, one-way drop.

BMW i8 spatial


Romantic Trip

Going for a romantic trip you need a good convertible car to listen to music, feel the road, watch sunset. You probably want something really cool. Pay attention to Mustang, convertible type, or Jaguar. Is that good enough for your trip? If not, make a new search.

Music Festival

Music festivals and concerts are usually held outside. Are you going with friends? Of course, global music festivals attract people from all over the world. Who knows how long you should go to get to the festival place. You can try to rent van or minivan of any brand. You have enough space to sleep, put your luggage. Also, this car will keep you dry and warm in case when the weather will be rainy or windy. So, which one? Try Kia Sedona or Ford Transit. They are not much different in price and characteristics.

Now, you know much about cars. The cars are good for different occasions. So, it is better when you are prepared and know everything about which car suits your journey the most. Why? It can save your money and give you the impression that your car is worth every penny.

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