Tiles for your Bathroom or Kitchen

Are you considering tiling your bathroom or kitchen, another room in your home? Before you buy tiles, decide which are best for your purpose. There are so many different tiles to choose from. that you could easily be confused if you haven’t worked out which tile is best for your particular job.

You can find tiles made from

  • granite
  • onyx
  • slate
  • marble
  • travertine
  • ceramic
  • quartzite
  • sandstone
  • mosaic
  • false wood
  • vinyl and so on.

The choice can be bewildering. However, choosing tiles is a matter of personal taste. They come in all sizes these days and can be large or tiny (such as in the case of mosaics.) Most people choose vinyl or ceramic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, but there’s no reason why you can’t use other types of tile if you prefer.

Before deciding definitely which type of tile to use, take a look at the range of Quick-Step laminate tiles and those in the range of Karndean Art Select vinyl tiles.

History of tiles

Ceramic tiles were an early art form, probably originating in Egypt around 4,000 BC. Tiles as an art form have been made by the Assyrians, Babylonians and also the peoples of the early Islamic Empire in the Middle East.

In Tunisia there are examples of 9th century AD tiles decorating mosques with scripts from the Koran on them.

In Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries, churches were adorned with decorative tiles. The now famous blue and white tiles of Delft were made in the 17th century.

Today tiles adorn many spaces, both public and private. Some of the more impressive public tiles can be found in the São Bento railway station in Oporto, Portugal. They were placed on the walls of the entrance to the station between 1905–1916 by Jorge Colaço, the artist who made them.

You won’t find copies of these tiles yet, although there’s no reason why in the future, an enterprising company couldn’t produce laminate replicas.

For the kitchen

Slate tiles are still popular for use in kitchens. These versatile tiles can be installed on the floor, on counter tops or on walls, as a backsplash. The same is true of granite and sandstone. You can, if you want to, have marble floors and counter tops, but a wet marble floor can be treacherous.

It might be better to opt for tiles from the Quick-Step range or the collection of Karndean Art Select vinyl tiles.

For the bathroom

Most people don’t have the same tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen. Slate, onyx and tesserae (mosaic tiles) are also rarely found in bathrooms. You can lay the Karndean Art Select vinyl tiles and the Quick-Step range in them though, to great effect.

If you are artistic, you might consider making your own patterns or pictures with small mosaic tiles. You would be certain that your wall or floor would be unique. It would take a long time to accomplish though, so perhaps such a project would be best for a wall.

Good luck with your next DIY project!

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