8 Freelancer Nightmares & How to Avoid Them

Becoming a freelancer can be extremely rewarding. You’re able to be your own boss, running your operations to your own schedule, taking on work as and when you can. However, there are also many aspects of being a freelancer that can be stressful. No doubt you’ll have come across a horror story or two about going it alone – but there’s no need to fear!

Here are 8 freelancer nightmares and how you can try your best to avoid them:



  • Getting Together A Business Plan

It’s good practice to always have a business plan ready even if you’re not pitching to investors. A business plan can be for your own personal use, to understand what exactly your business involves and what your plans are for the future. In this plan, you can include monthly goals and financial goals. You can expand your business plan the more your business grows, at one point you may even want to present it to investors. This way, you’ll have something already prepared.



  • Trying To Network

Networking can be difficult if you’re not engrossed in the industry. You need to make connections as a freelancer, as it’s a great way to pick up new work. If you don’t have to time to attend special networking events, then LinkedIn is a useful platform for expanding your circle.



  • Setting Up A Website

Marketing yourself is an incredibly important part of being a freelancer. After all, what’s the point in offering specialist skills if nobody knows you have them? You may not be a website design wiz, but nowadays you don’t need to be. You can set up your own domain and get somebody else to go all the hard graphics work. Any digital marketing agency Manchester offers will be able to help you get it on track. This should act as a portfolio, with lots of examples of work you’ve done in the past. It might be worth asking some previous clients to provide reviews.



  • Keeping On Top Of Finances

You’re a freelancer, not an accountant. There are many apps available to help you keep on top of your finances including Invoicely. This allows users to manage incoming client payments and expenses in one visual format.



  • Taking On Too Much

It’s OK to say no! Freelancing can be a tough job, especially when you’re just getting into the swing of it. Taking on a lot of work is great for business, but not so good when you’re over capacity. Know your limit and say no if you don’t think you’ll be able to complete a client’s request to a good enough standard.



  • Insuring Yourself

Having legal action is possibly one of the worst scenarios for a freelancer. Ensure that you’ve got solid freelancer insurance to cover you in any eventuality. Having no one in your corner when a client does become dissatisfied is not an ideal position to be in.



  • Sorting Out Taxes

It can be stressful trying to sort out your taxes, but as a freelancer, it’s highly important. You are solely responsible for reporting every pound you make. If you’re in the UK, there are certain guidelines set out by the government that you need to follow.



  • Building Good Client Relationships

As a freelancer, work is never guaranteed. Therefore, keeping in touch with your previous clients can be another way for you to find new work. Don’t waste your time on difficult clients, but clients who you built up a good rapport with may become useful to you.

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