High-Value Advertising on a Budget

For smaller business owners, the options for advertising can be limited. Trade journals can be useful, but at the back of your mind, you are always wondering if your advertisement is reaching the target audience. Not to mention that advertising in a trade journal is expensive, even for a small ad located in a position next to your competitors.

Editorial is free when you have a new product launch and a particularly good relationship with the editor of your preferred trade journal. Editorials are near impossible to get from a trade journal as the journal gravitates towards market leaders and innovators. Any advertising strategy should have clear thinking regardless of budget constraints. Focus the strategy on increasing your sales and hitting your target audience. Your targeted audience may be existing clients or new clients.

How to get the most from your advertising budget

There are so many hit-or-miss approaches to advertising. One area that has an impact is face-to-face conversations with new and existing clients. A perfect solution for reaching your targeted new clients is to invite them to attend personalised events. How do you get the message across and look professional? If you have studied or researched the use of a pop up banner stand, you will know the hidden potential these items hold. Not only are they modular, but the pop-up banner can also be transported in the back of a car or van. The convenience in using these banners makes it easy to use for various occasions.

Attracting new clients

With superb graphics representation from today’s printing technology, a professional graphics company can make a durable outstanding graphics design that will draw the attention of new clients. Imagine being in a conference room surrounded by executives and key managers. Their eyes will focus on your brand and products presented perfectly and professionally with the backdrop of a pop-up banner stand.

Now that you have the attention of your captive audience, you and your sales team can get to work and sell the products that make your company thrive in a competitive market. This tool is so useful you could equip each member of your sales team with a pop-up banner stand and provide the salesperson with an additional sales tool. The potential for increasing sales with the use of a pop-up banner should be investigated.

Public information

How many times are flat screen monitors ignored in public areas? There is no novelty attraction to flat monitors. Their potential for supplying eye-catching information is limited, mainly because the public sees monitors everywhere with most of the information being displayed having no real value or relevance.

However, you can place pop-up banner stands in strategically important areas where the public can read the information. Perfect applications of the pop-up banner could be used to launch a new film or a new car. The possibilities are limitless with a little thought and willingness to take a step back from digital media advertising.

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