How to Organize Corporate Events

Throwing a corporate event can be quite demanding as you want to show off your company in the best light possible. That is why you have to consider many different aspects before you start planning this business affair. With that in mind, here are some of the most important things you cannot neglect when organizing a corporate event.

Work out your budget

For starters, you need to be aware of your budget. That will allow you to decide on many crucial aspects of the event, from the number of guests and the location to the type of menu. Look into whether you need any permits or licenses as well. Put all expenses down on paper and figure out what you can actually afford seeing as how these events can be rather expensive.

Decide on the guest list

To make this event a success, you need to know who your target audience is and what they expect from the event as that will influence all the decisions you make later on. Is it just your employees or their families as well? Are you inviting your partners from another city or country? Will some of their employees be joining them? In addition to the guest list, you need to determine the goal of the evening. Are you celebrating an achievement? Will you be giving out rewards to your employees? Have you merged with another company? All of this plays a big role in the organization.

Find the right venue

The number of guests and the purpose of the event will be of great help when looking for the right location. If you want a proper sit-down meal, you can look for an upscale restaurant. If you want the event to be more casual and let people chat and dance, think about bars and clubs. Furthermore, consider parking near the venue and whether any of your guests will need overnight accommodation as then you can opt for a hotel with a conference center.

Choose the date

When choosing the date, you should bear in mind several things. First of all, make sure your event is not on the same day as any other event in your industry. You do not want to clash with other companies and risk your guests not showing up. Second, don’t throw it during the week or, even worse, during business hours and avoid holidays as well. You should create some hype and give people enough time to plan around it.

Focus on food and drinks

You cannot overlook delicious food as that is something people talk about for weeks after the event. If the venue does not include food and drinks in its offer, you should look for a renowned vendor to provide your guests with the most amazing meals. For instance, if you’re thinking about international cuisine, you can consider Tapas Market catering as they can offer amazing paella, tapas and canapés, in addition to tasty desserts. Furthermore, ask your guests about their dietary restrictions to prevent incidents. When it comes to drinks, you can create make-your-own-drink stations or hire a mixologist who will make unique colorful cocktails.

Make it unique

To make this event memorable and have the opportunity to organize more of them in the future, you have to create something unique. So, depending on the type of event you are throwing and who your guests are, you can choose to do various things. For instance, for a more playful atmosphere, you can have karaoke or organize different games. You can also hire a DJ or a band to keep you entertained if none of your guests are willing to sing. Other kinds of entertainment are also possible, so depending on your budget, you can hire illusionists, contortionists, cartoonists and so on.


So, when planning a corporate event, the most important thing to think about is your budget. Once that is set, you can find the right time and place, decide on who you’re going to invite, how you will entertain them and the menu you will offer. Make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and these events are sure to become a regular thing.

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