Why is Having a Responsive and Fast Website is Imperative?

It’s no longer good enough to have a website, in fact, the days of designing an eye catching and informative website and then just sitting back are long gone.  Competition is stiff and website developers and digital marketing specialists are constantly coming up with innovative ways to improve their websites responsive attributes as well as making sure their sites are fast to upload and quick to navigate.

The most successful brands continue to invest heavily in improving their websites, which included a responsive design and fast interaction.  Although you may not be a website developer, it’s still very important to complete a digital marketing course so you are able to keep up to date with the constant changing trends when it come to website design and fast function ability.

Responsive website design explained

We know that people access the internet from a multitude of devices so doesn’t it make sense that your site responds to how its being viewed.  In other words, responsive website design allows your site to adapt its layout to the size of the screen its being viewed on.  A responsive website feature has fast become a ‘can’t do without’ design element on any website.

Here are a few reasons why a responsive website is a must have:

  • Easily accessible and a good viewer experience on all devices.
  • Using a responsive website improves your SEO rating and Google has always recommended using a responsive web design.
  • Keeping up with new devices. Using a responsive site gives you the ability for future devices being able to access your website.
  • Changes made all at once to avoid the need for separate websites for desktop viewing and mobile access.

Latest website trends

Since the dawn of the internet having a well-designed and informative website have been the most important aspect of sites digital development and that still rings true today, however now websites have to up their game and be responsive and fast.  There’s no doubt that website design will keep evolving and if you want to maintain relevance and have a successful online impact, your website has to not only keep up with the latest trends but has to be quick about it too!

Websites not only give your visitors valuable information and direction; most clients will quickly judge your brand’s credibility from the professionalism and effective performance of your site.  This is one trend that will certainly not be going out of style any time soon.  With the increasing number of brands pouring more and more resources into keeping their websites in line with strong modern web design the need for your business to have a responsive and fast website has never been more important.

Here are a few of the latest website design trends:

  • Lots of white space –Ensuring there’s lots of white space on your site aids easy readability for your visitor, especially when there is a lot of information to digest. If used correctly white space can really benefit your website.
  • Scrolling skill – It’s long been a debate whether scrolling on your site is a good or bad thing and this view has changed over the years. However, it seems that scrolling has made a comeback on websites.
  • Bold colours – Colours on your site not only drive your brand home, but the use of bold, bright colours lifts our mood and have a direct effect on whether we explore a website or not.
  • Mobile friendly – A website today that is not easily accessible via a mobile device simply will not be a success as more and more people are accessing the internet this way.
  • Solid user experience – The internet has become more than a daily activity, it is a way of life for almost everyone and users these days expect nothing less than a streamlined, enjoyable experience when visiting your website online.
  • Use of video – Everything is visual these days and nothing works better than integrating video content on your website. It’s a fact that video content catches our attention like no other form of media.


In 2019 every website needs to be responsive in today’s digital world, so it is easily available via all modern devices.  The speed of your site should be a very important factor as it’s been proven that most people will exit a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

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