What Better: Windows 10 or Mac IOS

What Better: Windows 10 or Mac IOS

What has always been an eternal fight between Mac and PC seems to have finally reached its breaking point. In fact, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen significant improvements from both an OS point of view for what concerns Windows and also its accessibility, both elements which were extremely superior in every Mac machine before 2015. With this in mind, let’s try to understand why Windows 10 has definitely reached Mac’s level of stability and architecture.

Architectural Breakdown

Windows has always been described as the most customizable OS, which is the reason why many of its errors, bugs and everything in between happened. In fact, windows developers have stated the fact that its architecture, for what concerns the OS, was so simple that it automatically led to a variety of errors related to its accessibility. In fact, the surprising bit for what concerns Mac OSX is the fact that the OS structure is so complicated that it’s almost impossible to actively damage its architecture. With the release of Windows 10, though, the whole matter changed, leading to a far more precise architectural planning and subsequentially, to fewer errors.

The Market

As we all know, windows machines are far less expensive than Macs. This is due to the fact that Apple produces both the OS and its software, whilst also providing a considerable part of its hardware. With the launch of Windows 10, we were able to see how Microsoft tried to fill the gap between high-performance machines with a significantly higher price (Mac) and medium tier performance machines with lower prices (PC), successfully reaching Apple’s popularity within creative sectors like app development (as stated by many companies who switched to Windows from Apple), graphic design and javascript programming.


Windows has always been chosen for its software availability, which, compared to Apple’s (given their guidelines on IOS app development) has always been far superior. Of course, with the launch of Windows 10 and combined with the fact that many creative business users decided to switch from OSX to the big W, this has been confirmed in the last couple of years, with a net decrease of 10% software development requests limited to the OSX world. Not only this is incredibly important from a technological point of view, but also from a strictly business related one.

Future Development

It’s important to state the fact that the next couple of years will be crucial for what concerns the entire technological development of our generation. With many pieces of software ranging from VR implementation to the infamous driverless experience launch, we can safely say that Windows will absolutely dominate such sectors, given the above-mentioned points. Many CTO worldwide have stated how big the customization bit for what concerns Windows’ architecture was actively implemented in their technological development plans. With this in mind and considered all the current limitations OSX has, we can safely say that Windows 10 is the absolute Mac killer. We’ll see what Apple will do on the matter in the next couple of conventions.

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