3 Ways To Feel More Motivated In The Gym

You’re definitely not alone if you have lost your motivation for the gym, and we know that it can be really hard to regain once you have lost it. Just as quickly as you can lose your motivation, you can regain it, so we are here with some simple tips to help you get back on the right track. 

Go With A Friend

The first thing you can do to feel more motivated in the gym is to go with a friend! If your lack of motivation comes from struggling to commit to going, talking yourself out of it or not getting into a routine, then making a commitment to go with a friend can really help. You can organise with your friend when you are going to go together, and have set days, then you can help each other to make sure you stick to it. If you enjoy some alone workouts of course that’s fine, but perhaps you could agree with your friend that you will check in with each other after a workout and message if you aren’t going. This will help to keep you both accountable, and then you will gradually fall in love with exercise and how it makes you feel, then you might not actually need to go together or check in as much anymore because you will have the motivation yourself! So, if you struggle to get up and go to the gym, go with a friend and keep each other motivated. 

Get A New Gym Outfit

Another thing you can do to feel motivated again is to get a new gym outfit! When you don’t have gym clothes that give you confidence or make you feel good, it’s no wonder that you don’t want to go to the gym. However, when you have one that makes you feel amazing and is supportive, you are much more likely to look forward to going to the gym. So, get yourself a great pair of supportive and squat proof gym leggings, a high impact sports bra and some tops that make you feel great. We love to get pieces that can be mixed and matched with lots of others, so maybe choose a few neutral tops and neutral leggings, then a few brighter pieces too, so you can mix them all together for a stunning look. This is such a great way to get excited about the gym again. 

Try Out Something New

Last but not least, you should try something new. If your motivation problem is coming from being bored of doing the same stuff all of the time, then it’s time to mix it up! You could either change the exercises you’re doing if you weight lift, try out some new gym classes, introduce some sprints into your running routine or try a completely different gym-based component that you haven’t tried before. There are so many options out there when it comes to your workouts, so spend a month or so trying out new things and you might find some new things that completely help you to regain your motivation. 

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