Essential Recovery Advice For Plastic Surgery

If you are planning on getting plastic surgery, hopefully, you know all the risks and procedures that are needed for the surgery to take place. If you have chosen an accredited surgeon they could also offer you aftercare depending on the invasiveness of your procedure. You will not be given 24-hour assistance for your whole recovery, therefore you must know the steps that you must take to have a smooth healing period. 

To help you understand what is expected of you during the recovery process, here are — tips to stick to during the process!

Take Their Advice 

After your operation, it is important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to ensure a successful recovery and minimise potential side effects. Your surgeon will provide you with a detailed packet of instructions that should be adhered to. If you have any questions or concerns about what the instructions entail, do not hesitate to ask your plastic surgeon for clarification.

Have Support 

The first couple of days after your surgery will be difficult physically and mentally. You should make sure that you have someone around to help during this time to help cook, clean, and manage the other daily tasks that you will struggle to do.

Eat Well And Drink Well

Due to the limited ability to move around, it may be beneficial to prepare meals ahead of time. Eating a nutritious, high-calorie diet can help with the recovery process. If it is possible, having friends and family prepare ready-to-eat meals can save time and effort without sacrificing quality nutrition. You should also stay hydrated at all times.

Avoid Tanning 

It is advised to limit your exposure to direct sunlight to prevent damage to your skin and scar tissue. This can be done by wearing protective clothing and sunscreen when going outside and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. Additionally, it is important to be mindful of the heat, as being overly warm while wearing compression garments can cause excessive sweating. Staying adequately hydrated will also help reduce the risks of sun damage.

Limit Physical Activity 

You should refrain from intense physical activity until you receive clearance from your surgeon. During the recovery period following plastic surgery, it is important to allow the scars to heal properly, and excessive exercise may impede this process.

Keep Yourself Busy

When recovering from plastic surgery, it is important to take it slow and allow the healing process to occur naturally. To pass the time, consider checking out a few books from the library or downloading them on a device. Additionally, you might consider taking on an educational course from home or checking out other options for entertainment. As much as this time is a time for recovery, this will also give you the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.


The recovery process is not fun, but you can take the correct measures to ensure everything is as stress-free as possible. Take advantage of this time to recharge and heal your body, whilst focusing on the maintenance of your health. Some procedures such as breast augmentations in Manchester are likely to take longer to heal than less invasive procedures such as facelifts.

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