Fashion Trends To Expect In 2023

The year 2022 has shown us some revolutionary trends, and also a large amount of returning trends from decades back. Keeping up with the constantly moving fashion trends can sometimes feel like a chore, especially when you are only just beginning to admire them as they fall out of fashion. Now that we are nearly in 2023 it would be a good idea to get ahead of the game and start predicting the upcoming trends that we will be seeing. The 2023 fashion shows have given us more than enough inspiration to base our new wardrobes off, so here are just some of the key finds that you should expect to see in 2023:


Floral Prints 

Floral prints often come as a given when we start thinking about spring, but this year we are predicting every high street to have its very own take on floral. It won’t just be your simple, floral dress to wear for your picnic. No, we are taking floral hats, shoes, trousers, and pretty much everything you can stick a floral print onto. There are going to be fresh colour combinations and cool takes in bold colours, so what out for when these collections hit the shops in early 2023?


Puffy Hems 

2023 will see a shift from curve-accentuating dressy leggings, and instead, we will be in awe of the ruffles and puffy hems we will see on dresses and skirts. Ruffles are taboo as not many people are thought to gracefully pull off a ruffled set, but 2023 will exemplify how just about anyone can look glamorous with one.


Slip Dresses

If you thought 2022 showed a lot of skin, you might not be ready for what 2023 has in store. We have all found appreciation for the ever-so-popular corset trends, however, next year is going to be a lot sexier. Slip dresses and lingerie style outwear are going to be in, so do not be surprised if you see an ensemble you would wear in the bedroom or out on the streets.



The news of the live-action Barbie movie starring Margo Robbie has had a huge impact on the fashion industry. If you haven’t yet heard, fluorescent pink is going to be just about everywhere. Our dresses, shoes, and accessories should feature an element of pink one way or another if you hope to keep up with the trends.



Pinstripes have a habit of penetrating the trending scene in one way or another each year. The stripe trends of 2023 will see striped outfits bolder and more multicoloured than ever. Tailored women’s suits in particular will be a huge reason why you would want to jump on the trend. Oversized blazers have particularly caught our attention this year, but the extension of 2023 is to make them more noticeable than ever with stripes.


Gothic Style

If you have only just managed to change your wardrobe from all black to add some splashes of colour, you might have done so too soon. Gothic style is coming back in full swing in 2023, and some beautiful pieces are being produced as a result of it. We are seeing great textures such as lace and sheer, being layered gracefully with grunge biker jackets and boots to finish the looks. 

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