4 Essentials For Your Toddler

Whether it’s the terrible twos or they are freshly into nursery, your child being a toddler can be the most precious and ‘cutest’ stage of their life. Yet if you are not prepared thoroughly, you may end up praying for a time machine into the pre-teens stage before you know it. To appreciate the ‘cute’ stage as much as you can, consider these 5 essentials to keep you and your toddler happy. 


Everyone has one for their baby, but upgrading the size and sustainability to fit a toddler will end up being one of the best decisions you make. Many parents think that once their child starts toddling around, they are old enough to take a seat at the dining table. However, removing a highchair from your house too early may end up being one of your biggest regrets. Coming in from a long day with the kids hungry, ends up the perfect opportunity to put them in their highchair, sitting nice and still waiting for their tea. Don’t think of highchairs as just for babies, keeping or upgrading a new one for your toddler will be one of the best decisions for your survival. 


As Well as highchairs being an essential for dinner time, bibs are also a must-have to minimise the mess and effort of feeding the little ones. Bibs are small and easy to pack wherever you go, whether they are to use in the house or to bring on a trip to Frankie and Bennies. Different types of bibs are also great to take into consideration depending on the ‘level of mess’ your child makes. A long bib compared to a short bib could be a great investment to ensure that your child stays as clean as possible, whether that’s eating, painting or playing. Bibs are an essential to avoid as much mess as you can with your toddler. 

Car Seat 

Getting to the toddler stage means they are old enough to now take part in the family trips. Unfortunately they are no longer young enough to just be cosied up quietly into a baby car seat, they would now much prefer a booster seat. They become nosy and want to see what’s going on, but they need to remain safe while travelling. A booster seat will provide both. An easy trip to Halfords will give you a great insight into the seat that is suited to your child, as during this stage of their life travelling is inevitable but being safe is a necessity. 

Sippy Cups

You would be surprised how much a decent sippy cup would be put on the ‘less of a priority’ list of essentials for a toddler. However, sippy cups are without a doubt one of the easiest methods to keep your toddler hydrated with no mess. Despite you probably having a sippy cup, investing in a durable one at the beginning of your childs ‘toddler stage’ will leave the rest of the stage a breeze. With them being thrown around and chewed, a sustainable one will leave you no worries about having to pick up a new one all the time. So despite sippy cups already being a known essential, a high-quality sippy cup will leave your life feeling even easier. 


Just taking into consideration these four simple necessities, will result in an easier and more enjoyable experience of your child’s ‘messiest’ part of life. 

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