CBT (computer-based test) :Best Way to Assess the Hidden Aspects of Job Applicants

Every organization wants to hire the best employees and that is why different kinds of tests are conducted to unveil the hidden aspects. The present-day trend that can be seen globally is that cbt computer-based test is the most preferred way of assessing the actual potential of candidates. The pen and paper approach is still followed but the cbt method is much better than that. The reason is that a computer-based test helps in saving a lot of time, energy and efforts of the recruiters. The decisions can be taken instantly and the best candidates can be recruited to vital positions without any hassles.

So, if you are a recruiter or employer then think about conducting cbt (computer-based test) for recruiting the potential candidates. It will prove to be one of the wisest decisions ever.

Which kinds of organizations can go for cbt Computer-based Test?

All kinds of organizations can opt for conducting cbt computer-based test. The segments where such test is highly preferred are like the financial sector, insurance sector, banking sector, computer and IT industry, aviation sector, government based setups like army, navy, police force, educational institutions etc.

Thus all organizations whether small-scale, medium-sized or multinational can conduct this kind of test for hiring the employees.

What types of questions are asked in cbt Computer-based Test?

The requirement of each organization is different and based on the customer needs the cbt computer-based test can be designed in a specific manner. Different kinds of questions can be asked in such a test like logical reasoning questions, verbal reasoning questions, mathematical-based questions, mechanical and diagrammatical questions, skill testing questions etc.

Thus an organization can decide that what kind of questions it actually wants to ask the candidates and based on that a specialized kind of cbt computer-based test can be designed.

How is a cbt computer-based Test conducted?

For conducting cbt computer-based test the organization must have setups like computers or laptops because the test is conducted on these kinds of digital mediums. The process of conducting the test is usually carried on with the help of online examination software and online certification software.

The candidates are assigned questions, there is a time limit allotted for each section and in some cases provision for negative marking is also there. The answers are submitted online and it can be instantly verified that whether they are correct or not. With the help of cbt computer based test the recruiters can come to know about the marks of each candidate on a real-time basis and an instant comparison is also possible.

The entire procedure of conducting cbt computer-based test is very simple and the cost involved is very minimal. One just needs to hire a trusted source that provides this brilliant facility and the recruitment process can be carried on without any problem.

What are the advantages of conducting cbt computer-based test?

These are the benefits of opting for cbt computer-based test –

  • Saves a lot of Time and efforts

With the pen and paper approach, the main difficulty is that recruiters have to check the answers of each and every candidate and it is a real burden. It is a very lengthy and time-consuming process. The evaluation process may take many days and it may get very difficult to compare the results. These problems are not encountered while conducting cbt computer-based test. All the solutions are checked online with the help of highly advanced software and the results are available instantly. You can immediately compare the results among all the job participants and then decide that who should be selected and who should be not.

  • Costs are very minimal

Many people have a misconception in mind that conducting cbt computer-based test is a costly affair. But this perception is wrong. Organizing such a test is not a costly deal and will never create any kind of financial difficulty. A genuine source will provide you with the best facilities in this segment and its assured that the rates will not make a hole in the pocket.

  • It is a highly secure way

You can completely trust the mode of operation of computer-based test. There are no chances that the questions or solutions would be leaked beforehand. The entire access will remain with the organization and the recruiters can decide when and how to conduct the test.

  • Wider reach is possible

With the help of cbt computer-based test geographical boundaries are eliminated. Such tests are not just feasible to conduct in the organization’s premises but even if the candidate is at some remote location then also the test can be managed with the online facility. So, even if you are planning to recruit the candidates from different locations then also this kind of approach will prove to be highly beneficial.

  • Chances of errors are almost negligible

Humans can make a lot of errors while checking the solutions. If you are following the pen and paper approach then you can make calculation mistakes at some point of time or the other. This is a hurdle in the selection process. Sometimes the answers may remain unchecked; you may forget to allow marks, may allow lower marks or higher marks for a particular answer etc. These all errors can be avoided with the help of computer-based test as all the solutions will be checked with the help of online software.

  • CBT computer-based test is the need of 21st century

Today everyone is moving at a fast pace and organizations can’t afford to stay behind others. It is very important to make smart decisions which can improve the future. CBT computer-based test is the basic need of 21st century and organizations will reap immense benefits with such facility.

Genuine advice

Here you have got all the knowledge about cbt computer-based test. If you are still following the pen and paper approach for evaluating the potential of candidates then it’s high time to bring a change. A computer-based test will prove to be a masterstroke in the selection criteria. So, opt for this facility today itself.

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