Guide For Spring Break: TOP 7 Beach Cities around LA

Guide For Spring Break: TOP 7 Beach Cities around LA

LA is a city of sunny weather. That is why it is rather popular destination to visit it on spring break. The distances you have to cross are long. Young drivers feel free to get to the beach, go for shopping, dancing by car. If you want to go between beaches, you also need a car. Going to the weekend with your friends, you definitely need a car. Make your road trip comfortable even if your age is under 25! Car rental Lax under 25 is the best variant. They have attractive offers and available cars for young drivers. Los Angeles underage driving opportunities open the door for everyone who wants to meet the city and suburbs by car. Here is a suggestion to on what to do on your trip to Los Angeles.

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LA trip is incomplete if you know nothing about the road rules in this region. Traffic rules are important, especially for student travel:

  1. You can turn right when the light is red unless a sign is telling you not to do that. It is safe to turn right.
  2. On the crossroads you have to stop always. If you cannot see the cars, you can go fast. The point is, you have to stop on the crossroad before continue driving.
  3. The road lines can look in different way, not like in the country you came from. There are four main colors to follow. Red means no parking, green is parking on limited time, white and yellow mean only short stops are available.
  4. Speed limits are respected in LA. All drivers, especially young drivers, need to keep the right speed otherwise, you’ll be finned. You can even go to jail. You can see the road police everywhere.

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LA car travel will be so much interesting if you’ll be able to visit the territory from side to side. The territory from Downtown L.A. to every next city is full of interesting attractions – local gems. You should look closed to them if you have enough time. Of course, you can pick two or three of them to have a road trop. So, here is a guide to go through the best viewy beach cities of California. Read more about each of them.


This is the city that everyone knows. It’s a kind of legend for all foreigners. It is situated close to LA. The city of Rodeo Drive, film and television welcome you. If you want to be an expert in LA suburbs, you should start from Beverly Hills friendly streets. They are not really friendly as you can see many luxury houses but you cannot visit them. Anyway, you have much to remember.


Of course, you shouldn’t drive fast when you are in the business center of LA – Century City. This noisy public place is worth visiting. You can find bars, cafes, lux restaurants, green oasis of parks and wise-headed people here and there.


Downtown is an important part of LA territory. This is the oldest place in the city. It speaks about the city history and all prominent personalities. Such popular places as the Arts District, Historic Core, Chinatown, South Park are very much attractive.


It is impossible to imagine your road trip to LA without visiting Hollywood places. Of course, Universal Studios Hollywood is the best visited place ever. This is a big world of attractions and activities to learn the city and movie making industry. This place offers you to be a part of a new film and get an experience you’ll never forget.



Welcome to Pasadena! This is a unique place of education, history, culture, sport, beauty. You can find everything interesting here, including the picturesque gardens, architectural masterpieces, scientific and natural museums. Discover more!


The beautiful valley is situated to the North from LA. This is a place of green juicy parks, modern shopping centers, scientific and art galleries, movie studios, elite restaurants, and theme parks. It is often called the Valley. Tis unique location is good for culture and history development.


What a popular name! This is one of the TOP beaches of this region. What is more, this is the most popular destination for LA travellers. All tourists come to Santa Monica to find the hidden attractions. The sunny place combines cultural and incredible natural gems. The beach and the city are full of people, joy and pleasure.

Route 66 sign - Santa Monica, Los Angeles - Travel photography

Los Angeles is a crowded city of more than 250 languages and about 100 neighborhoods. It is rather popular destination to travel by car. Long distances make you hire a car and get fast from one interesting place to another. It is highly important to feel flexible here. Just keep the road rules and watch the rush hours. LA is a territory of cultural gems and progressive people. You can be one of them at least for this weekend.

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