Take Some Rest and Go Picnic: TOP Attractive Parks To Picnic In Buffalo

Take Some Rest and Go Picnic: TOP Attractive Parks To Picnic In Buffalo

How are you today? It’s picnic season, people! Just take out grills and chairs, go to the nearest butcher shop and get ready for a picnic. Learning city means more than exploring it in search of historical monuments and interesting places. Just rent a car from Enterprise at Buffalo NY airport and drive around the city for the best place for picnic. It can be a family trip or friendly company, romantic dinner or single ride, whatever. Rental24H.com is available from your mobile app to rent a car at any time and for any budget.


Buffalo-Style Picnic

Your Buffalo trip needs some elements to be the perfect time being. So, the main picnic components are:


Location is not a problem if you will read the list of the best offered parks below. A good car will help you to get to the needed place in the fastest way. Buffalo car travel brings much pleasure for you and your picnic participants.

  1. FOOD

Chicken wings and Original pizza logs are must have dishes if you may use a portable deep fryer. Of course, you may take some light snacks, like chips, pretzels, veggies, hot sauces and mustard.


The popular sorts of beer you have to buy are the local ale options from Big Ditch, 42 North. Of course, you need a few brews of water and a thermos with coffee.

  1. FUN

Don’t worry about fun. Buffalo popular outdoor attraction is frisbee flinging activity! Football, baseball, badminton, volleyball are also available!

River Road-PA Delaware Water Gap Nat. Rec Area 2

Picnic Starts Right Here!

Take a soft blanket and a food-filled basket and drive your car for the best picnic places. The main picnic area in Buffalo is West and Downtown. Let’s check them out.

Delaware Park

The popular Delaware Park does for 350 acres long, full of marvelous meadows, deep forests and a crystal lake. There are also many picturesque spots for a picnic. Thus, Japanese Garden is a perfect place for picnic in this area. There is nothing more romantic than having a lunch under the blooming cherry tree. You can take a short ride or a long walk around the park territory.

Knox Farm State Park

Looking for a peaceful place to eat, pay attention to the Knox Farm Park. It is located about 9 miles south of Buffalo. This is not only beautiful but also an interesting historical place. You have an opportunity to relax in a quiet place and read a book.

Bird Houses at Knox Farm State Park East Aurora NY 2

Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Meet a good place for families with kids. Martin Luther King Park is good for picnic. You can see a lot of tablets for picnic here and there. There is a playgrounds, tennis courts, football and basketball field. You may have a lot of fun after lunch. The park looks like a classic city park with lots of greenery, a splash pool, picnic shelters and a greenhouse.

Niagara Falls State Park

If you dreamed of the picnic with the Niagara Falls view, come here, to the Niagara Falls Park. This is the oldest state park in the country. You may have a picnic and take pictures near falls. If you want to find a separate picnic spot somewhere far from people, you may go deep into the nature, hiking on the park’s trails.

Tifft Nature Preserve

This is a peaceful refuge near downtown Buffalo. It doesn’t take much time to get there, especially if you are interested in travelling not far from the city. Just pack your lunch and go to the center. You have a chance to take your lunch on a green lawn, among the birds singing and woodland trails.


Buffalo Zoo

If you want to combine lunch with visiting Zoo, come to the Buffalo Zoo. You can watch animals and have a picnic from a safe distance at the Buffalo Zoo. The picnic place is specially equipped near the zoo’s main building. So, if you want to take a break from visiting Zoo, you can take your kids, friends for outdoor lunch. You can watch animals, elephants, bears, tigers, numerous birds, and even frogs while you are eating. There is an interesting place for kids – a lion club. It was born here, at the Zoo. There is also enough space to have outdoor activities like playing ball or tennis.

Your Buffalo Enterprise trip can be a big adventure for your friends and relatives. Everything depends on what you want and how much time you have. Minivan is good for a big company to take you to any convenient park around the city. Summer is the best time for picnics. You picnic will be blessed with warm temps and cool lake breezes. Of course, everything starts with your picnic planning. Just check the weather and make the next step. Do you remember them all: location, food, beverage and fun?

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