What To Do Once You Board The Plane

What To Do Once You Board The Plane

The navigation inside the airport is done, and reaching the plane that is bound to take off is also done. Now all you have to do is enter your plane, take your seat, and enjoy your flight over India’s beautiful landmass. The Delhi to Chennai flights schedule handles a lot of trips, so there will be a lot of people travelling along with you. Navigating till the plane is quite straightforward up till here. For some people though, especially for those who are travelling by plane for the first time, this could be extremely difficult. So a few general tips one should follow the once you board the plane is as follows.

  • As soon as you enter your aircraft, you might find a long queue at the entrance. People will be crowding around their seats and taking time to settle in. Once you reach your seat, cross check once again if you are in the right seat as mentioned on the boarding pass. While finding your seat, also keep a lookout on your row number to make navigating towards your seat a more straightforward affair. In case you want some help in finding your seat number, you can ask someone around to help you. If not for the flight hostess, the other passengers will be very generous in helping you out. The flight attendees might be a little preoccupied with getting their supplies arranged for the journey. In case you require more help in finding your seat, you could sit on the open seat near the row. As soon as the flight attendees come to ask everyone to put on their seatbelts, you could request them for help. They will be willing to help you ensure a safe and a comfortable journey throughout.
  • Once you reach your seat, you can stow in all your carry in times into the luggage rack above. In case, there is no space; you could place it on your lap if it is a small package. Ask the flight attendant to help you out in case you do not have place on the luggage rack for the bigger bags. You can also keep small bags under your seat.
  • Make yourself comfortable, and settle in. You have done everything that is needed to get to your seat. All you have to do now is buckle up your seatbelt, and enjoy your flying experience. Sit back and relax, while the flight attendees will do their best to ensure you have a luxurious experience throughout the journey. You will be offered a free drink and food depending on the inclusions that come along while buying the ticket. The length of the flight is also vital in this case. There are two restrooms available inside the aircraft, one in the front and one at the back. You can use these restrooms whenever necessary.
  • In case, you need the help of any sort; you could press the service button over your seat on the roof so that the flight attendant comes forward to help you out. There will be a lot of announcements by the pilots and the flight attendants. Ensure you listen to whatever you say to understand what is going on.

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