Here is how to choose the ideal Garage Door Repair Company in your area

Finding the right service to work with can be challenging as well as time-consuming. But, there is no point paying $500 or $1000 for a repair work that costs only $150. Similarly, you will end up wasting more time if you let scammers fix your door within seconds, only to find out that the repair didn’t hold for long.

Therefore, it is best to do your homework before inviting a garage door repair company to your house. Here are some essential steps to choosing the ideal company:

  1. Ask around and search online

If you have heard of some names of garage door repair companies, then you are good to go for this first step. If not, start asking around from your friends, family, and colleagues. It is highly likely that someone has worked with such a service.

You can also conduct simultaneous online research on Google. Type in terms such as, ‘garage door repair company near me,’ or ‘garage door repair company + your location.’ This will pull out some names for you.

  1. Check the companies’ websites

By now, you would have some names ready. Once you have them, starting browsing their details further. The foremost step is to look out for the website. Cross out any companies or names without a professional website.

On the website, look for the services section to learn of the repair work the company offers, a phone number so that you can give the business a call, and a physical address. A Garage Door Repair Company that doesn’t show these crucial details is more likely a scam.

  1. Do some more research homework

Make sure that a business’s website shows the details mentioned above because the next step relates to digging out the company’s authenticity. Some businesses may add an incorrect location to appear credible. However, your job is to make sure that you are not playing into the hands of a scam.

Therefore, check the address given on Google Street View. Remember that certain rip-off companies operate with heavy adverting, a cell phone, and a pickup truck with no storefront as pointed out by Tom Wadsworth, a certified garage dealer consultant. You don’t want to be sealing the deal with such a shady business.

  1. Read testimonials

Credible garage door websites may present quotes of what their customers say about them as social proof of their work. Look out for those. You can’t be very sure about this testimonial though. It is possible that a fraudulent business cooks these up and puts them online.

Hence, return to your search engine and look for the company’s online reviews. Google and Facebook stand at number 1 and 2, respectively as sources where you can read testimonials from other customers.

  1. Learn what people are saying

By now, you should be having some shortlisted garage door repair companies that look authentic. If you learned of the names from your colleagues, then you don’t have to worry about asking further.

If you have pulled the names from your search engine, then it is best to ask your friends and family if they have about any of the companies. Word travels fast, so any good or bad news regarding the company should make it to you.

  1. Call the companies

Get down to calling multiple companies. When your phone is answered, ask clearly about which company you are talking to if that hasn’t already been specified. There are several slippery businesses that operate under generic names such as ‘door service’ or ‘garage door.’

At the same time, make sure that whatever the person on the phone says is similar to what their company website reads. It is a red flag if what the person says is completely different from what is on the website. Talking to the company will also give you an idea of how good their customer service is, which is a vital factor to take into account.

  1. Get multiple bids

While you are on phone with the companies, don’t hesitate to ask for bids from them. It is entirely possible that you are in a hurry to get your door fixed but there is no point overpaying for a job.

Getting multiple bids at one time helps bring scammers to light. You can also learn the standard market price for specific repair work in this way. Moreover, once the technician comes over to inspect the problem, you can let him know that he doesn’t have your permission to exceed the bid. You can reject the proposal if the technician suggests extra charges that are not required.

Summing up

All these steps will help you get a hold of an ideal garage door repair company. Remember to look for any signs of fraud. For instance, excess, flashy advertising tends to be fishy. Also, make sure the company showcases experience and has a consistent and defined business name. Any company with variations for business names isn’t as authentic as it poses. So, be careful.

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