Traditional, retro or modern? Choose the perfect style for your future home

Buying a house isn’t just about picking the first place you like, but taking different things into consideration and trying to combine them all together meaningfully. Among the things you need to pay attention to is the interior design and how you can get the best of it. So here is how you can style different rooms in your house.


Living Room

Being the most frequently used room in your house, the living room offers you more opportunities than you realize. Some of the styles most people use are retro, modern and traditional, and it’s up to you to decide which suits your own personal taste the most.

A number of retro living rooms, for instance, combine bold and vivid colors with unusual patterns and materials and feature prominent decorations such as golden lamps and oversized sofas. If you go with the modern style, you have to include lots of gadgets and equipment – flat-screen TVs, sound systems and an entertainment center to accommodate all of these. Finally, people with traditional living rooms pay more attention to decorative elements, from fancy chandeliers and mirrors to lamp fixtures, Ahdoot oriental rugs and taborets.


Today, bedrooms aren’t as big as they used to be, so your decorating skills might come to an obstacle here. However, even a small bedroom can still accommodate a California king bed, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows and some modern furniture. But, if you opt for retro, you might want to consider looking in the past and choosing a funky bed of unusual shape, a colorful wallpaper or even hypnotic bed linens to reflect your personality.

Traditional bedrooms might be the easiest to decorate – all you need is a huge old-fashioned bed, silk linens, lots of pillows and you’re good to go! Some of the other things you could incorporate are a fireplace, a small library or a simple reading nook, and some heavy drapes.



Since it’s usually the smallest room of the house, the bathroom isn’t easy to decorate as the limited space prevents you from accomplishing all your goals. If you want to create a traditional or retro bathroom, you’ll probably want to install a freestanding bath from the 1930s or a big 1960s hippy countertop. However, not all houses nowadays have so much space, so you might want to go in another direction.

Choosing modern design is much more sensible when it comes to bathrooms and equipping it with modern fixtures and accessories can make a real difference. Sinks, tubs, showers and toilets have changed in the past decades; so, if you are considering modern bathroom designs, there is a wide range of bathroom fixtures to choose from.


The easiest way to modernize your kitchen is by adding lots of appliances that show your elegant style. However, if you’re not a fan of modern design, you can easily find retro and traditional kitchenware – just look for them at your local flea market or search online!

Once you set your basis with these, it’s easy to develop your style further and add colorful wallpaper and eclectic tiles for a retro look, or on the other hand, order custom-made cupboards and begin cooking in a more traditional environment. Finally, don’t forget to adjust your daily menu to the style of your kitchen and create a unique atmosphere for your taste buds as well as your eyes.


Personal Taste

When purchasing a house, it’s important to find exactly what you need and a style you’ll love for decades to come. As you can see, each room can be decorated differently, but all of these styles give you complementing options you can explore.

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