TOP 5 Tips How To Stay Healthy in HEAT!

Summer is not only a hot season because of the sunny weather but also because of traveling activities. Definitely, spring and summer are the most traveling seasons. The weather is nice and you are trying to plan a trip to the seaside. What is more, you can go out of California and travel somewhere abroad, to the hot counties. What do you need for that?

  • Frist of all, you need to rent a good car. How about cabriolets? Drop top cars are very popular in the hot states. Find more info about all available cars here!
  • Secondly, you need to book a hotel beforehand. Hunting for cheaper prices, try to book a hotel somewhere aside from the beach line and not in the city center.
  • Also, you should read few tips about how to keep healthy traveling through the hot countries.

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  1. Plan your trip

When the weather is hot, it is important to plan all your outs beforehand and correct them according to the temperature. Your body will be grateful for your care.

  • Start your day early! You may check the working hours of the local museums, excursions, and other attractions. They start working early to attract more clients during the safe early hours. It is better to come back to the hotel at noon to wait till the evening there.
  • Planning a trip, try to analyze the information you have and combine all interesting touristic objects you want to visit into the groups. In such a way, you can visit attractions one by one with no harm for your time and health.
  • Don’t forget about insurance, especially if you bear heat heavily.
  1. Protect your skin

If you are going to spend more than 20 hours in the sun, you should protect your skin from being burnt. Sunstrokes are very dangerous as much as overheating.

  • Apply sun protective cream. This fact is not new in our days. Nevertheless, many people still think of this fact as something unnecessary.
  • No black! It is important to wear something white, beige and natural. Loose clothes are what you really need.
  • Wear hats! What is the point? Everybody knows that a big accurate hat with broad brims will protect your head, neck, and the rest of your body from the sun.
  • Wear sunglasses!!!!Spending the whole day under the sun is dangerous for your health: headaches are always behind you.

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  1. Eat healthy!

Keeping a diet is not the best way to stay healthy, but keeping a healthy diet always means much. If you are going to spend the whole day at the beach with a glass of wine, you will not be safe then. Forget about fast food and sandwiches.

  • Eat healthy food at least twice a day. Breakfast is a beginning of your day. This is a right time boost your body with fresh fruits, cereals, cheese and yogurt.
  • Try to avoid eating street food on a hot day. It is better to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, sweets. They will help you to feel strong and energetic during the day.
  • Keep the Food Diary. It will help you to see what you eat and control you ration.

Staying Healthy - Berries and nuts every day


  1. Drink water

If you are going to spend the most of your day outdoors, you should think of drinking much water. You can buy it in the shop or visit cafe every time you feel thirsty. One way or another, a bottled water is needed. Hot and wet weather make you sweating much during the day.

  • Just drink much water. A recommended dose for men is about 13 glasses of water per day. Women need about 9 glasses of water in hot weather.
  • Forget about soda drinks. Juice or soda drinks cannot take the place of water.
  • Keep a bottle of water in your bag! You can fill the bottle with fresh water every time it is out. Whenever you go, you should take a bottle of water with you.

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  1. Listen to your body

Of course, it is difficult to focus on your health and miss a couple of interesting excursions at noon. What if you could miss something that you always wanted to see? That’s why people spend the whole day under the sun, suffering from headaches and overheating.

  • On arrival, take some time to get acclimated. You can be shocked with hot climate and wet air. Calm down and try to rent a car with air conditioner to get used to that new environment.
  • Ask yourself about whether you want to drink or eat. Don’t forget about your personal needs.
  • Spend some time in the shadow. Every time you feel tired and there is no your car near here, try to hide yourself somewhere under the tree or in the shopping center.

Also, don’t forget to visit restaurants and hotel lounges for breakfast and dinner. It’s pretty cool there. Try to sleep much and don’t go out when you feel bad and exhausted. In case you can’t even get up from your bad you should contact a doctor.

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