Your Best Weekend: 5 Brilliant Reasons to Enjoy Las Vegas

Most people think that Las Vegas is the city of hotels and casinos, and non-gambling persons can ignore this city by removing it from the list of places to visit. Fortunately, this is not true! Las Vegas is not only presented with numerous slot machines and poker tables. This is a city-theater, looking behind the scenes of which you can make amazing discoveries.

If you are absolutely indifferent to gambling, you will be interested to explore the other side of the magnificent city. All you need is to prepare for the trip by booking a car on this site – the fact is that Las Vegas is very convenient in terms of car traveling. And now, let’s look at 5reasons to go to Las Vegas…

  1. Get a Gondola Ride

Venetian. Las Vegas.

Do you dream to plunge into the unique atmosphere of Venice and take a romantic walk through its channels? For this, it’s not necessary to visit Italy. If you travel around the United States, your dream will come true right in Las Vegas!

This city never ceases to amaze. The whole Italian city is spread over 46, 000 square meters with its most popular attractions – Piazza San Marco, Campanile bell tower, Rialto Bridge, and, of course, gondolas riding along on the most authentic Venetian canals. The Venetian Hotel & Casino offers everyone to take a ride through the canals accompanied by the sound of a serenade of a professional gondolier.

The internal channel runs along the second floor of the hotel – this is where the exact copy of Venice was recreated. Visitors can observe the charming Italian architecture and the painted blue sky.

The outer walk offers a splendid view of the Las Vegas Strip. For newlyweds there’s a snow-white gondola decorated with golden flowers. According to tradition, it’s necessary for loving couples to kiss while riding under the bridge.


  1. Relax on the Beach

Artificial swimming

(photo by FrancesD)

It’s hard to imagine that in the desert everyone can sunbathe on a snow-white beach, enjoying the sound of the surf. For Las Vegas, there are no barriers. When planning a trip to this unpredictable city, grab swimsuits. At the Mandalay Bay Hotel, next to the wave pool, you can soak up the soft sand brought from California.

In addition, there’s a huge Shark Reef Aquarium, in which two thousand representatives of the marine world of our planet live. This is the only aquarium located so far from water sources. Piranhas, sharks, turtles, jellyfish, ascidians, clams, snails and golden crocodiles are just the tip of the iceberg of the oceanarium. Well, and those who can boast of a diving certificate are offered to scuba dive along with sharks.


  1. Visit the Best City Museums


It would seem that there are no interesting museums in Las Vegas. However, the city boasts of a considerable number of them. Here you can visit such museums as:

  • Museum of Neon Signs, which shows the lightning variety of Las Vegas;
  • Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, keeping artifacts of the Titanic liner rose from the ocean, as well as accurate reproduction of some cabins and the main staircase of the ship;
  • National Atomic Testing Museum, demonstrating nuclear tests, accompanied by a crash, blinding flashes, bench trembling and a wave of warm air;

Such museums as Guinness World Records Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Retro Cars Museum, the Bellagio Art Gallery, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum are also worth attention.


  1. Feel the Thrill

Top of Stratosphere - Las Vegas

Located at the height of 350 meters, Stratosphere Tower offers a ride on 4 heartbreaking attractions on its top. Thrills are guaranteed! In a matter of seconds, the Big Shot catapults you at the speed of 72 km/h to a 32-meter height, and then lowers it back at the same speed, with the full feeling of free fall.

Insanity is a claw-shaped carousel with five open cabins, rotating at different angles outside the tower at the height of 274 meters. X-Scream is an open carriage without fences, accelerating along the rails and braking sharply, hanging at the height of 264 meters above the ground. Sky Jump is a free fall attraction from a 260-meter height on the cables attached to the body – this is a kind of “bungee jumping”.

In addition to breathtaking extreme rides and a viewing platform in the tower, there’s Top of the World revolving restaurant.


  1. Stroll Around the Secret Garden

140-073010-Vegas Vacation Mirage Secret Garden

Each visitor can stroll through the “Secret Garden” of the Mirage Hotel, which welcomes visitors from its very threshold with tropical palm trees, exotic flowers and waterfalls. White lions and white tigers, panthers and leopards live on its territory.

In fact, it’s impossible to exactly determine who live in the “Secret Garden”. Someone meets an owl, others – peacocks, somebody can even pet a lemur. Next you meet flamingos and hummingbirds, and then you pass along the pool with dolphins and tropical fish.

Here dolphins frolic and play in conditions that are very close to natural ones – a real coral reef and sand from the bottom of the ocean is presented.

The main attraction of the hotel is its artificial volcano, the eruption of which is accompanied by musical compositions. This impressive show can be watched every day once an hour from 7pm till 11pm.


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